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Anime Central 2001
ACen 2001: Marriage

by George Phillips,
Robert DeJesus Marriage

At Otakon 1999, two couples proposed during the masquerade, which was very moving, as I had never heard of anything like that occurring before. After the masquerade then, I humorously commented to friends that "Next year they'll have a full-fledged wedding." Otakon 2000 passed without a hitch, but I doubt anyone was expecting a wedding at Anime Central.

Late Saturday night, as the costume contest wound to a close, Scott Frazier asked Steve Bennett and Robert DeJesus on stage. Needless to say, everyone was a little confused until one of Frazier's friends read aloud a note, "Welcome to Robert DeJesus's wedding!"

Robert DeJesus and his bride quickly walked on stage and were married... by Scott Frazier! Apparently, Scott is an ordained Minister for the Universal Unitarian Church. The wedding went much like a normal wedding, and the reception afterwards was coupled with the "Meet the Guests" Reception, where Robert and his wife cut cake for the 3,000+ convention attendees.

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