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Feature — Merch

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Toy Discoveries from the Recently Released “Saban Moon” Video

For years, many Sailor Moon superfans were stumped on how and why certain early Sailor Moon toys were designed differently than their anime counterparts. Here's what the "Saban Moon" pilot teaches us about some of those (probable) choices. ― For years, many Sailor Moon superfans were stumped on how and why certain early Sailor Moon toys were designed differently than their anime counterparts. Here's ...

The Awesome Merch of Fate/Grand Order Fes. 2022

Fate/Grand Order Fes. 2022 is happening in Japan right now and we've captured your favorite servants in our merch gallery! ― After a two year COVID-related absence, Fate/Grand Order's convention was back in Japan this weekend to celebrate the 7th Anniversary of the wildly successful mobile game and the Fate series in general. As is expected at events like these, we got to see a lot of merch—and not j...

Virtual Pets: Raising Your Own Best Friend

Jean-Karlo shares his collection of virtual pets, the handheld toys that have quietly held out since their heyday in the late '90s. Relive the joy (and tragedy!) of keeping your pixelated pet alive. ― A thing I've noticed about some of the Japanese media I've consumed is how enduring it is. Pokémon was labeled as “just a fad” when it came out, but here we are, the better part of 30 years out from its...

ANN Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Trying to find the perfect gift for the otaku in your life? Why not check out Anime News Network's curated list of anime, manga, video games, and collectibles? Everything from the most popular series to classics is right here! ― Sponsored: Above you'll find suggestions for all the best gifts you can give for this holiday season. But what if you want to add some special anime flair to your other fine...

TOY REVIEW: Gundam Astray Red Frame (HIRM)

Lauren Orsini takes an in-depth look at this Perfect Grade model kit to determine if this beloved release is a good choice for newcoming or veteran Gundam builders. ― Gundam Astray Red Frame has its origins in the manga Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray. Published by Tokyopop, this manga has been out of print in the US since 2004. Nevertheless, its lead mobile suit's samurai-inspired design has captiva...

Holiday Gift Guide 2018 - DVD & Bluray

Our 2018 Gift Guide continues with an avalanche of this year's best, brightest and most feature-packed anime blurays and DVDs!

Interview: Hideyoshi Shigeta, General Manager of VOLKS USA

Big eyes, imposing stature and shimmering hair - the Dollfie line of ball-jointed dolls is iconic, and now the company is moving in to licensed characters, from Sailor Moon to Nier: Automata and Sword Art Online! ― Bright hair, pale complexions, tall physiques, and really big eyes – that's the first impression you get when you see a Volks doll in person. They've been fixtures at anime conventions in ...

Holiday Gift Guide 2018 - Figures & Collectibles

It's time to get all your holiday shopping done, but what do you get for the anime fan in your life? Our guide begins with a smorgasbord of figures, statues and collectibles!

Anime News Network's Holiday 2017 Gift Guide: Collectibles

A glittering mountain of this year's must-have collectibles, from statues to action figures to Nendoroids and Figmas and much much more! ― Figures: Nendoroids Hanamaru Kunikida (Love Live! Sunshine!!) Aqours member Hanamaru Kunikida wears her outfit from the song "Aozora Jumping Heart!" for this Nendoroid. She also comes with additional face plates (an excited, open mouth expression) and the 'Noppo'...

Interview: Xavier Lim, Bluefin's Gundam Guru

If you've ever bought a Gundam model from a store in America, chances are Xavier Lim was responsible for it. Gundam expert Lauren Orsini grills Lim about the market for Gundam models and why it's now bigger than ever! ― If you've bought a do-it-yourself plastic model kit from the Gundam anime franchise in the United States, you've probably got Xavier Lim to thank for it. Lim is Brand Manager at Bluef...

Interview: Bluefin and the World of Anime Collectibles

If you've ever bought a Gundam model, it likely says 'Bluefin' on it somewhere; we sat down for a chat with the folks at Bluefin, who are responsible for getting some of the coolest anime merchandise into your hot little hands. ― If you've ever purchased a Gundam model kit in America, you've probably seen the name Bluefin on the back somewhere. Having recently opened a brand-new warehouse space in So...

So You Want To Build A Gundam Model

The allure of the Gundam model kit is difficult to resist, but the technical skill involved (and all those little parts!) can be daunting. Veteran mech assembler Lauren Orsini walks you through the basics, proving anyone can build one! ― Gundam is one of the most enduring and recognizable franchises in anime. It has been around for more than 25 years of television, producing so-so shows and iconic sp...

Interview: Jon Dobyns, Founder of Tiger Lab Vinyl

These guys are releasing the soundtrack to Yoshiaki Kawajiri's classic horror flick Wicked City on vinyl. We sat down to ask them why. ― Tiger Lab Vinyl recently announced that they'd be releasing the soundtrack to the classic Yoshiaki Kawajiri horror anime Wicked City on limited edition vinyl. They're the first record label to release classic anime soundtracks on the resurging format, and we sat dow...

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