Sailor Moon's Kotono Mitsuishi Stars in Car Insurance Anime Commercial

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Sailor Moon's Kotono Mitsuishi voices a much more mundane character in a new animated commercial for car insurance. The ad is promoting Tokio Marine Nichido Fire Insurance Company's Drive Agent Personal service, a drive recording service that can be used in case of an accident. Voice actor Kengo Kawanishi of Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans co-stars in the commercial.

In the commercial, a mother is in an automobile accident. The commercial focuses on the parent-child relationship after the accident and the reassurance both feel thanks to the Drive Agent Personal service. The mother is driving her son, Hiroki, to the nearest subway station. He's enroute to take his school exams. He's initially cold to his mother who cheers him on only to find out afterwards that she was in an accident while purchasing him a good luck charm. He goes to visit her at the hospital where she apologizes to him, but he responds in frustration. The event changes the nature of their relationship and Hiroki comes to appreciate his mother more.

The commercial focuses on the theme of "protecting happiness" through the Drive Agent Personal service. It automatically contacts an accident reception center when the a strong shock is detected in the car. It will also contact the fire department and other emergency services. The insurance company hopes that the commercial will not only promote its service but give its customers peace of mind.

The Dunlop tire company produced an anime short to promote its snow tires last month. Kao promoted its laundry detergent with anime ads and Cup Noodle is cashing in on nostalgia for its 'Hungry Days' anime ad campaign.

Source: Animate Times

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