You Can Spend the Night in Einzbern Castle for 390 Euros

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

In the world of Fate there lies a heavily guarded castle in the mountains of Germany: Einzbern Castle. Within its walls are mysteries of a magical nature and the scheming head of the Einzbern family. The castle's design is based on a real location, Château de Brissac, the former home of nobles of the French aristocracy.

Fate fans looking for an authentic night in Illya's home can actually rent a room at Château de Brissac. One fan shared their experience staying at the chateau and noticed that the owners are very accommodating and even allowed them to take aerial and cosplay photographs.

Visitors can take a tour of 10 euros or stay overnight for 390 euros.

TYPE-MOON not only referenced Château de Brissac for its Einzbern Castle design, it also borrowed elements from Germany's Neuschwanstein Castle for the exterior and England's Chatsworth House, Nostell Priory, and Haddon Hall for the interior.

Source: Kazupi on Twitter

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