English Voice Actors, Musicians Create My Hero Academia Charity Track

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Original soundtrack composer Yuki Hayashi participates in project by Cowboy Bebop charity song team

In May, Cowboy Bebop composer Yoko Kanno participated in a charity song project with over 40 guest musicians and vocalists to recreate the anime's iconic ending theme "The Real Folk Blues." The track was arranged by Mason Lieberman (RWBY, Sarazanmai), a senior game audio coordinator at Tencent, with all proceeds donated to the CDC Foundation for COVID-19 relief.

Lieberman has gone on to organize a second charity song tribute, this time for the My Hero Academia BGM tracks "Might+U" and "You Say Run." Over 80 artists participated in this song, including 22 members of the original English dub cast and original soundtrack composer Yuki Hayashi.

The track was released on Friday on vocalist Caleb Hyles' YouTube channel. It has also been released on iTunes and Spotify.

The song is being released on vinyl for a limited-time for people who back the project on vinyl music crowdfunding website Qrates, and all proceeds will go to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). Game and anime composer James Landino also produced a techcore remix for "You Say Run," exclusive for purchase.

The full list of credits is below:

  • Music Direction/Arrangement: Mason Lieberman
  • Original Composition: Yuki Hayashi
  • Might+U Remix: James Landino
  • Mix / Additional Guitar: Masahiro Aoki
  • Mastering Engineer: Jett Galindo
  • Choral Arrangements: Austin Wintory
  • Vocal Production: thebishopgame
  • String Midi Preparations: Nabeel Ansari
  • Additional String Orchestration: Lance Treviño
  • Additional Brass Orchestration: Dallas Crane

English voice cast vocalists:

  • Chris Sabat (All Might)
  • Clifford Chapin IV (Katsuki Bakugo)
  • Luci Christian (Ochako Uraraka)
  • Monica Rial (Tsuyu Asui)
  • J. Michael Tatum (Tenya Iida)
  • Brina Palencia (Minoru Mineta)
  • Caitlin Glass (Mina Ashido)
  • Kellen Goff (Overhaul)
  • Anairis Quinones (Mirko)
  • Brandon McInnis (Sir Nighteye)
  • Greg Ayres (Koji Koda)
  • Morgan Berry (13)
  • Alexis Tipton (Mei Hatsume)
  • Dawn M. Bennett (Setsuna Tokage)
  • Felecia Angelle (Toru Hagakure)
  • Ricco Fajardo (Mirio Togata)
  • Megan Shipman (La Brava)
  • Jerry Jewell (Kesagiriman, Nezu)
  • Mike McFarland (Mashirao Ojiro)
  • Bryn Apprill (Ibara Shiozaki)
  • Daman Mills (Chainsaw Nomu)
  • Kristen McGuire (Tatami Nakagame)

Other vocalists:

  • Caleb Hyles
  • Casey Lee Williams
  • Shihori
  • Úyanga Bold
  • Adriana Figueroa
  • Emmanuel Lagumbay
  • Clay Agnew
  • Isaac Schutz
  • Felicia Rojas
  • Alejandro Espinosa
  • John Robert Matz
  • Elspeth Bawden
  • Lisa Laimer
  • Tee Lopes

Band members:

  • Piano: Takahiro Obata
  • Organ: Robbie Benson
  • Guitar: David McLean
  • Bass: Yuki Lin Hayashi
  • Alto Saxophone: Patrick Bartley Jr.
  • Flute Solo: Kevin Penkin
  • Drums: Blaize Collard
  • Percussion: Noriko Terada
  • Shaker: Joe Sua
  • Guitar Soloist 1: Ichika
  • Guitar Soloist 2: Jules Conroy
  • Guitar Soloist 3: Jun Senoue
  • Guitar Soloist 4: Guthrie Govan
  • Cello Solo: Tina Guo Modular
  • Synthesizers: Dale North 

Rap guests:

  • Substantial
  • Mega Ran
  • Zaid Tabani


  • Violin: Molly Rogers, David Morales Boroff, Felicia Rojas, Jeff Ball
  • Viola: Joe Chen, Molly Rogers, Isaac Schutz, Jeff Ball
  • Cellos: Andrew Dunn, David Tangney, Sage Etters
  • Upright Bass: Travis Kindred

Bass and Wind Instruments:

  • English Horn / Flute: Kristin Naigus
  • Trumpet / Flugelhorn: John Robert Matz
  • French Horn: Marc Papeghin, Jordan Moore, JohnStacy
  • Trombone: Daniel Romberger, Danny Flam, Eric Ladish
  • Tuba: Alex Hill

Celebrity Guest Dancers:

  • Toranosuke Hayashi
  • Sakura Hayashi
  • Chloe “The Fluffy One” Hayashi

The first 13-episode season of the television anime adaptation of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia manga premiered in April 2016. The fourth season premiered in Japan last October. The show premiered on Toonami last November. The anime will have a fifth season.

Source: Qrates

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