MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death PS Vita Game's 1st English Story Trailer Streamed

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Dungeon-crawling game by Compile Heart ships in N. America on September 13, in Europe on September 16

Idea Factory International began streaming the first English story trailer on Friday for its upcoming release of Compile Heart's MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death (MeiQ no Chika ni Shisu) PlayStation Vita game.

Idea Factory International previously streamed the game's opening movie, customization trailer, and promotional trailer in July and August.

Idea Factory International is releasing the game in both a digital and physical version in North America on September 13. Idea Factory International is streaming a European version of the same four videos, which feature the European release date of September 16.

The game will have an English dub and will also have the original Japanese audio with English subtitles.

Idea Factory International describes the game:

First, the winds stopped. Then, birds vanished from the skies. Finally, the sun set…

And an eternal night fell upon the world. The reason was quickly identified. It was a story told of in legends. The world had ceased hundreds of years ago as well. But there was a legendary mage who had managed to restart it.

Thus, elders gathered capable young Machina Mages from around the world. They sent them to the legendary city: Machina City, Southern Cross. You must restart the world, and bring an end to this eternal night. That is your mission, and your destiny. Now, go forth on your journey. Go, Estra!

The game is a turn-based, first-person dungeon crawling game that allows players to bring three party members, along with their Guardian machines, which can be customized with different parts to gain different abilities.

MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death shipped in Japan last December. The game is part of Compile Heart's Makai Ichibankan brand, The brand also includes the Trillion: God of Destruction PlayStation Vita role-playing game, which shipped in Japan last July. Idea Factory International released the game in North America on March 29, and in Europe on April 1.

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