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Shonen Jump Magazine to Launch 6 New Series By Kuroko's Basketball, Beelzebub, More Authors

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Authors of Eyeshield 21, Sun-Ken Rock, Magical Pâtissier Kosaki-chan also launch new series

This year's ninth issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is revealing on Monday that the magazine will launch six new series between the 10th issue to the 16th issue. The new series' titles and authors include:

Bokutachi wa Benkyō ga Dekinai (We Can't Study) by Taishi Tsutsui
The manga launches in the 10th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump on February 6, and the first chapter will have 54 pages and an opening color page. The manga centers on Yuiga, a student studying for his college entrance exams. One day two beautiful young women appear before him. Tsutsui is drawing the Nisekoi spinoff manga Magical Pâtissier Kosaki-chan, and also wrote the Steins;Gate: Hiyoku Renri no Sweets Honey spinoff manga.

U19 (pronounced "Under Nineteen") by Yūji Kimura
The manga launches in the 11th issue on February 13. The juvenile action series centers on boys who live under adult rules. Kimura previously wrote the "Peach Pluck" and "Garden" one-shot manga in Weekly Shonen Jump.

Poro no Ryūgakuki (Poro's Study Abroad Chronicle) by Hitsuji Gondaira
The manga launches in the 12th issue on February 20. The manga centers on Poro, a demon from the underworld who comes to the human world. Gondaira won the 10th "Gold Future Cup" contest in Weekly Shonen Jump in 2015 with the one-shot "Genjūi Toteku" manga.

Hara Peko no Marie (Marie the Hungry) by Ryūhei Tamura
The manga launches in the 13th issue on February 27. The battle romantic comedy manga centers on a boy named Taiga and a girl who lives next door to Taiga who has a secret. Tamura drew the Beelzebub manga in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2009-2014.

Dr. Stone by illustrator Boichi and original author Riichirou Inagaki
The manga launches in the 14th issue on March 6. The science-fiction adventure series follows what happens when suddenly the world's biggest-ever "crisis" arrives. Inagaki (with illustrator Yūsuke Murata) wrote the Eyeshield 21 manga from 2002-2009. Boichi drew the Sun-Ken Rock manga, and one of the stories in the Trigun: Multiple Bullets anthology manga. He recently drew the Terra Formars Asimov spinoff manga.

Robot × Laserbeam by Tadatoshi Fujimaki
The manga launches in the 16th issue on March 18. The high school golfing manga centers on a boy whose nickname is "Robot" who encounters golf for the first time. Fujimaki serialized his Kuroko's Basketball manga (pictured above right) in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2008-2014.

The most recent new manga in Weekly Shonen Jump are Yoshimichi Okamoto's Demon's Plan manga and Takamasa Moue's Ole Golazo manga. The manga launched on November 21 and November 28, respectively. Viz Media's Weekly Shonen Jump digital anthology published the first three chapters of both manga in English as part of the company's "Jump Start" initiative.

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