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Lost Hellden Game's Overview Trailer Streamed

posted on by Adriana Hazra
Game launches for Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC via Steam, GoG, Epic Games Store in 2025

Quebec-based video game developer Artisan Studios revealed an overview trailer that demonstrates gameplay for its Lost Hellden role-playing game on Saturday. The game will launch in 2025 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam, GoG, and Epic Games Store.

Takeshi Oga (Final Fantasy XIV, Gravity Rush) is the illustrator for the "3D hand-painted" game. Hitoshi Sakimoto (Final Fantasy XII, Valkyria Chronicles) is the composer and audio director.

Artisan Studios describes the game's story:
On a planet called Era, people are bound to one of the Seven Deadly Sins before their first birthday via a religious ceremony called the Nexus Ritual. All their life, the inhabitants of Era have to fight against their urges. Should they fail and succumb, they transform into mindless and aggressive beasts. The Unio religion representatives – the Arkhons – ensure that everyone follows the rules and put down any monsters that appear in the cities.

One day, a woman gives birth to twins, something that never happened before. The Prime Arkhon, supreme leader of Era, conducts the Nexus Ritual himself. However, something goes wrong, and one baby is bound to all seven sins, while the other receives none.

The twins are taken to the capital, Avilah, where they are brought up as Arkhon apprentices. They are never allowed to leave the walls of the sanctuary… But one day, Leht, the twin bound to the seven sins, manages to leave the city. His brother Cyphel is sent on a mission to find and bring him back. He is accompanied by two seasoned Arkhons, Gram and Enki.

The journey of Cyphel and Leht is one of self-discovery, one that will allow them to grow and become the people they were destined to be.

Artisan Studios first announced the game in February.

The company previously developed the Super Neptunia RPG (Yūsha Neptune: Sekai yo Uchū yo Katsumoku se yo!! Ultimate RPG Sengen!!) game in Compile Heart's Neptunia franchise. Artisan Studios is the first Western studio to develop a game in the franchise. The game launched for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in June 2019.

Source: IGN's YouTube channel

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