Mecha Illustrator Hidetaka Tenjin to be the Anime Guest of Honour at MCM London Comic Con


Mecha master Hidetaka Tenjin invited by Viewster to MCM London Comic Con

Top mecha illustrator, sci-fi artist and mechanical designer Hidetaka Tenjin is to be the Anime Guest of Honour, invited by Viewster, at MCM London Comic Con later this month, meeting fans on the Friday and Saturday of the Excel London show.

Known for his realistic art style, Hidetaka Tenjin had been bringing the iconic mecha of the long-running Macross franchise to life for over a decade now, working as mechanical artist on titles such as Macross Zero, Macross Frontier, Macross Frontier: The False Diva and Macross Frontier: The Wings of Goodbye. Other anime credits include Hellsing Ultimate, Gundam Evolve, Genesis of Aquarion and its sequel series Aquarion Evol.

As an artist and illustrator, Hidetaka Tenjin also works on the Master Grade Gundam model series box art for Bandai, as well as that company's Star Wars range of models. In addition, the Kobe-born Tenjin has published a series of art books showcasing his mecha illustrations for Macross and has appeared as a voice actor in a number of anime series.

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