Cosplay Academy Launches Kickstarter

Cosplay Academy - Teaching The World To Create
Denver entrepreneur brings the arts of sewing and costuming into the 21st century.

Cosplay Academy ( was conceived as an online resource to make cosplay accessible to people around the world. With over twenty years of creative experience, we want to provide high-quality, in-depth courses to teach new and experienced cosplayers alike how to take their craft to the next level.

After over a decade of teaching people how to make their own costumes in piecemeal, and making custom costumes on a commission basis, Brittany Quinn decided there had to be a better way to reach people without local cosplay communities, sewing classes, or mentors. After research and discussion with young costumers around the world, the idea for Cosplay Academy was born.

Despite her knowledge and passion for costuming and craftsmanship, Brittany knows she can't produce the quality content she wants to without help from the community. “I work sixty hours a week, and while I have my own post-production experience, I would like to hire a professional to make sure my students get the best lessons I can offer for their money,” Quinn says. “Students will get HD video, workbooks, and more, and funders will get a huge discount on classes to thank them for their help with our launch.”

As a result, Quinn has taken the Academy to Kickstarter to try and raise $10,000 in 30 days. (

While many video tutorials and images for cosplay techniques exist for free online, Quinn believes that a dedicated library of knowledge with consistent quality and additional resources can revolutionize the way people learn to make costumes. “Tutorials are one-off tips and lessons on how to do certain techniques,” explains Quinn. “I've made them myself, and probably will continue to do so in the future. Cosplay Academy is for longer, in-depth lessons, and the quality of the content will help people learn and improve creative skills. Plus, with office hours and a group for student discussions, no one will be left in the dark if something doesn't click for them.”

Quinn also hopes to make the classes more accessible to students with disabilities. “Our videos will come with workbooks, and be fully subtitled. As time goes on, we will add more accessibility features.” Other plans include live class tours at craft stores and conventions, online supply packages, and guest classes by master craftspeople in the cosplay community.

Kickstarter campaigns use an “all or nothing” model. If Cosplay Academy doesn't reach its goal, courses will be released much more slowly, and the supporter pricing for classes will not be available again. To follow the project, find Cosplay Academy on Twitter (@learntocosplay) and Facebook (, and spread the word on your social media to boost funding. Even $1 will help the come to life. If you decide to donate more, however, you'll be among the first to take Cosplay Academy's classes, and get that content at a discounted price.


Brittany Quinn has studied Communications at Colorado State University and the University of Denver, and currently works as a video editor for National Cinemedia in Denver. She has been sewing since 1994 and cosplaying since 2004. Her entrepreneurial spirit, post-production and on-camera experience, and extensive cosplay experience brings a fresh perspective to the art of costuming and the challenge of making online craftsmanship classes a reality.

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