The World's Finest Assassin
Episode 8

by Richard Eisenbeis,

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This episode of The World's Finest Assassin is 100% character-building for Lugh. He is finally forced to be honest with himself and what he wants for his second chance at life in this fantasy world.

While we have seen relatively little of it, Lugh's two years of being Illig have changed him and how he views the world—or perhaps solidified a change that was already well underway. While he was solely pragmatic at the start of his isekai adventure, this is most certainly no longer the case.

Lugh cares about what he has built—both as Lugh and Illig. He has created a successful industry for the nobility—one that allows him all the access he could ever want as an assassin. Moreover, it improves the lives of the peasant class in his territory even as it lines the pockets of both his real family and cover family as well.

But more than just material success, Lugh has come to truly care about those he depends on. Of course, this includes both of his families but also includes Tarte, Maha, Dia, and even the shop girls. He has success and companionship far beyond what he had in his past life. And once his father gives him permission to quit being an assassin, he has the freedom to live his life however he wants as well.

Interestingly, all he has gained—all he could potentially lose as an expendable killer—makes him less likely to leave the assassin life behind. After all, while he may not trust the goddess, if what she said is true, the world is doomed if the hero lives. All those he loves and cares for will ultimately perish when he has the chance to stop it if he continues his quest to grow stronger. But while this is the pragmatic answer, it is not his true reason for remaining as the heir to the Tuatha Dé assassin family. What he needs from being a Tuatha Dé isn't the assassin's skills but the noble title.

This series hasn't been shy about setting up a three-woman harem for Lugh. However, though all three have a place in Lugh's heart, his feelings are not identical for all three. While Lugh sees Maha and Tarte as subordinates, he sees Dia as an equal—perhaps his only true equal within the fantasy world. Moreover, he has seen her as this from the very start. Over the years, the pair have formed a bond of trust, respect, friendship, and eventually, love.

She alone has made him focus on what he wants beyond his current mission—beyond killing the hero. What he wants more than anything else is to live his life as her husband (something she wants as well judging from the ending credit's visuals). There is no pragmatic excuse for this desire. And now, Lugh has finally grown enough to admit this not only to himself but to his father as well.

Lugh is no longer the tool he was in his previous life. Now he is a man with wants hopes and dreams. Sure, he still has a seemingly impossible mission to complete but his life is more than just moving from one kill to the next. He has a reason to fight—a reason that will no doubt make him all the stronger.


Random Thoughts:

• The lack of a new Goddess backup plan to kill the hero makes me sad.

• Maha needs to teach her friends some self-defense.

• I'm shocked Maha didn't outright kill the would-be rapists.

• I like that Maha outright stated to Lugh that she knew “the reason” that he saved her and that she didn't care because she could see who he was underneath.

• Lugh saying that Maha doesn't love and only looks up to him shows that he either A) is still lying to himself about some things or B) really doesn't understand her heart as much as he thinks he does.

• Poor Tarte, she just wants to be thought of as a cute girl and not a battle-hardened Valkyrie.

• I love the joy on Lugh's father's face when he realizes that Lugh is in love. This means that Lugh has become the kind of assassin he always hoped his son would be.

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