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Tomo-chan Is a Girl!
Episode 10

by MrAJCosplay,

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Tomo-chan Is a Girl! ?
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I wasn't really expecting to get more flashbacks from Tomo-chan because I thought we had learned everything that we needed to. However, I like how economically this episode covers any loose threads that might've been there before. Obviously the big one is Jun's feelings, but I want to focus on Misuzu for a second because I think I finally have an idea of the source of her guilt. Misuzu loves Tomo and considers her a close friend. I get the impression that Tomo might be her ONLY friend considering that we never see her interact with anybody else. However, when they were kids, Misuzu realized that as they got older, it was becoming harder to keep up with Tomo's aggressive physical activities because Misuzu just isn't built for that kind of stuff. Things might appear fine now, but I think Misuzu feels guilty about leading Tomo in this direction of trying out more casual and girly activities because it makes things easier for Misuzu. Now you could make an argument that Misuzu's advice actually did help Jun see Tomo as more of a romantic interest, but the ends don't justify the deceptive means. She selfishly had something to gain from the situation and that's not fair to Tomo when she wasn't being honest about it.

It's funny that's the case considering how upfront Misuzu and Jun were when they dated back in middle school. While I like that the show hints that there might have been a chance for them to work out as a couple (and a part of me wants to see that alternate reality), I like how these two are more similar than they give themselves credit for. Jun dated Misuzu simply because he wanted an excuse to get closer to Tomo after he made things awkward for the both of them. Misuzu was using Jun as a way to stick close to Tomo without directly participating in those physical activities. I like how Misuzu felt like she was in control of the entire situation when in reality she wasn't in control of any of it and she can't live that down. Jun tries to end things amicabl,y but because Misuzu feels like she lost to Jun, she constantly feels the urge to get back at him which probably explains why their relationship is so jaded right now.

Speaking of winning and losing, it looks like Jun finally got what he wanted, even if it might not have been in the way that he was expecting. Jun said that he couldn't think of Tomo as anyone else until he beat her in some kind of fight because he still sees her as that aggressive little boy that pulled him out of the house. While I do think that Tomo declaring Jun the winner because of the marathon situation is a little bit cheap, we had to cross this point sooner or later before the show ends. Jun might not have liked the way that things played ou,t but that's kind of the theme of this episode. People overthink so much about how they are perceived that they forget to just enjoy the company of those they like being around. Misuzu thought that she had to be just as physical as Tomo to be her friend and Jun thought that he needed to be distant from Tomo so that she can be happy. But neither of them actually asked Tomo what she wanted in all of this. However, now that both of those situations have been resolved, Jun doesn't have any excuses anymore. It's time for him to put on those romantic lenses and see Tomo for the catch that she's always been.

(PS I don't really know why they changed it, but this week's ending song with all of the three main boys singing was absolutely adorable, and I hope they keep it for the rest of the season)


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