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House of 1000 Manga Finale: Part I

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Note: this is the discussion thread for this article

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Joined: 10 Apr 2008
Posts: 58
PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 9:29 am Reply with quote
I'm sad to see this column go. I've checked out some manga due to the two of you, and haven't been disappointed.

I also really enjoyed Jason's article on Houshin Engi. That manga is near and dear to me, in spite of all its flaws.
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Jerry Cornelius

Joined: 23 Jun 2015
Posts: 8
Location: Manchester, UK
PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 9:41 am Reply with quote
This has always been my favorite column. I cannot deny that I am more than a little sad that it is coming to a close but I am also very grateful. You've introduced me to several titles I would not have read otherwise and given many titles that I love an in depth and thoughtful analysis. Thank you to you both.
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Hiroki not Takuya

Joined: 17 Apr 2012
Posts: 2081
PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 9:44 am Reply with quote
Me Twooooooo! ANN needs this column to continue. I'm an "old nerd" too, discovered Naussica in 1984 (I think) and there has never been anything like it before or since.
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Joined: 31 Aug 2011
Posts: 2625
PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:03 am Reply with quote
It's a shame to see this column go. There were a lot of hidden gems that I would have never known about. This was unexpected and hit me like a bolt from the blue. I hope that after a while,this can be revived with someone else doing it.
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Joined: 20 May 2008
Posts: 5234
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:19 am Reply with quote
I am also sad to see it go as I've discovered a lot of great manga through reading it, which I probably wouldn't have even considered otherwise.
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Joined: 24 Apr 2015
Posts: 15
Location: California
PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:33 am Reply with quote
First it was Right Turn Only, now this is going to disappear as well (and Super Manga Pals haven't been on ANNcast in a while)? I was able to check out such amazing manga because of these two columns and I will be really sad to see this one to go as well.

I really enjoyed reading this column. BTW, were you able to cover 1000 manga during your run?
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Utsuro no Hako

Joined: 18 May 2012
Posts: 1013
PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:40 am Reply with quote
I protest! This column got nowhere close to a thousand manga. Laughing

Between this, the death of Right Turn Only and the lack of Super Manga Pals episodes on ANNcast, it kinda feels like manga coverage is drying up here. Rebecca and Theron's reviews are always great, but they only manage to cover a small fraction of what gets published.
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Joined: 18 Mar 2015
Posts: 415
Location: Chicago, IL
PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:50 am Reply with quote
I'm really sad to see this column go D: It introduced me to a lot of great reads (though I'll admit half of them are still sitting in the "to read" pile) I'll definitely miss this Sad
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Joined: 23 Dec 2007
Posts: 2033
Location: Germany
PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:51 am Reply with quote
How did you run out of manga? You didn´t even hit a 1000... Sad
First Buried Treasure, now this. What am i supposed to read on ANN now besides a few columns and the news. Oh well. As long as Jason is wring on i will survive i guess. I actual read your book Jason and it was alright. See you in space cowboy. And Shaenon too.
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Felicity dash

PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 11:32 am Reply with quote
Aww I hope another manga column takes its place as I've enjoyed this column.. Sad
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Joined: 08 Sep 2012
Posts: 4713
Location: Cheltenham UK
PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 11:41 am Reply with quote
Sad my favourite column, I've discovered some great titles from this column... Another manga column going; I hope we get another to replace.
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Joined: 19 Jan 2008
Posts: 7341
PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 12:07 pm Reply with quote
Noooooes! I love this column so much! I love getting manga discussions going, it seems way easier for anime discussions, they just seem to blossom naturally, like weeds, but manga forums tend to be lacking. So more chances to talk about manga always pleases me.

But you said you plan to do more manga things on here, maybe features or whatnot, so I can't wait to see what's next there. I wouldn't mind just the occasional column either y'know!

I'm going to do my top ten that you've covered, and I'm going to list ones that weren't ever covered but totally needed to be. But I'm going short list form for the first list (after all, it's a series that's been talked about already), maybe write a bit more on the latter. In no particular order (ok, it's by the date from the article), and with a complete lack of numbers:
Monster Collection
Firefighter Daigo
Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga
Maison Ikkoku
Flower of Life
Club 9
Afterschool Nightmare
Please Save My Earth
ES: Eternal Sabbath
Cromartie High School
Kiichi and the Magic Books
All the classic Viz 70s shojo (Four Shojo Stories, A, A', Love Song)
Peepo Choo
Twin Spica
Banana Fish (special mention for being my fav ever)

And I could've put way more on that list, but held back (like not putting all the Tezuka or Yoshinaga)

As for things that were never covered that I think deserved attention:
2001 Nights-A collection of loosely related stories involving space exploration at a fictional time starting from the beginning of real exploration by humans. Great standalone stories on their own that combine to be even better as a whole.

13th Boy-a shame that not that many manhwa were ever covered. You've missed a lot of gems and this was certainly one of them. Starts off simple and generic enough (but with a talking cactus) but quickly becomes a great and heartfelt shojo that just sucks you in so damn much!

100% Perfect Girl-another awesome manhwa. Also, impossibly soapy. I took the suds I got while reading this series and bathed myself for over a month. It's ridiculously soapy, but so much fun to read if you like that sort of thing with all sorts of improbably twists. I mean, by the end of v2, there's already foreign hunks marrying ordinary Korean girls, European castles, kidnapping, murder attempts, and the ever classic amnesia.

+Anima-starts as a generic shonen about half-animal people, but it gets really good as it goes on, differently a hidden gem

Animal Land-when I talked to a guy at the Kodansha booth at Otakon last year and told him I liked Animal Land and got every volume, his reaction was approximately "Finally! You and three other people!" so I take it it's one of their worst selling titles. A shame, it's the sort of "rev you up" shonen series that are fun and infectious. And talking animals.

Baby & Me-an overlooked title from Shojo Beat's early times (aka back when all their titles had the same spine font). I just never see anyone ever talk about it, a shame as though it starts off rather melancholy, and still goes there from time to time (to be expected when the plot starts with the kid's mom dying), it's a great slice of life about a boy suddenly forced to be a bit of a parent. I honestly didn't want to finish the series because I knew there wasn't any more.

Goong-another addictive as hell shojo manhwa (or whatever the word is for shojo manhwa). No wonder it got a live-action K-drama, it feels like one. Also, Koreans make dramas of things, not cartoons.

Hikaru no Go-seems a pretty big omission to me. It's a bit more popular than many of the other series covered, but also probably one of the least popular SJ manga in the states. But it's frankly a fantastic coming of age story, best I can think of in manga. And Sai? Adorable.

Itazura na Kiss-hoping the last two vols will come out. Sooner rather than later? But for my 90s romcoms, I love it, no matter how much of a jerk Naoki is.

Kaze Hikaru-seeing how big this seems to be with many manga bloggers, but also what a terrible seller it is, it could've used some more attention. It doesn't help that Viz has now slowed to a whopping one volume a year Mad

Key to the Kingdom-a CMX darling that everyone immediately forgot about. Hell, there's not even scanlations for this series, at least someone bothered to scan in all their Swan volumes. Anyway, 6 volumes long, but paced just right and feels epic despite its short length.

Maoh: Juvenile Remix-an awesome and dark shonen series with conspiracies! And just one guy to try and stop it as it slowly takes over his entire city.

NG Life-a bit like the comedy version of Please Save My Earth, with modern day Japanese people being reincarnations, this time of people from Pompeii (who died exactly how you think they did). Not everyone remembers their past lives, but the main does, and his former bestie is now a chick and his former fiancé is now a dude (neither of which remember Pompeii). The large side cast, which adds to both the Japan and Pompeii sides, really help the series and make it a damn fun read.

Palette of 12 Secret Colors-another CMX, a relaxing series that, despite being in black and white, just feels so damn colorful when you read it.

Penguin Revolution-for fans of stuff like Skip Beat, with characters trying to break into show-biz. Definitely lighter than Skip Beat and also lots of fun.

Real-I'm not big on sports manga, won't even lie. But this one, this is still a manga for everyone. And it's because the focus is more on the characters developing than the sport, which is part of their development, but is there to help them grow and not take over the entire series. I guess "Real" is an appropriate title as that's how the characters feel: Real.

Record of a Fallen Vampire-see, M.Night, this is how you actually do twists well. Everyone volume changes the entire series it seems, but it reads really well. Even if I think the art was average, the plot makes this well worth a read.

Speed Racer-DMP put out this super deluxe thing that didn't sell at all, I paid like $5 for my copy. Of two hardcovers in a hard box. Awesome. While the anime might as well be a powerpoint presentation, the manga is fast paced and ridiculous. Racing inside an active volcano? Sure, let's all stop driving, get out of our cars, and shoot the breeze for a few minutes. Who cares if they literally reveal who Racer X's identity is in the very last page of the comic (in "oops, we forgot to get around to that?" style), the manga is actually ridiculous and awesome for it.

Threads of Time-gotta have a shonen manhwa in my list. A korean teenager (late 90s, early 00s) is sucked into his increasingly vivid dream, becoming the son of a prominent warrior family in old-school Korea vs the mongol invasion. There's great action and the characters and story are hiding more than they seem. And, while out of print, it's really easy and cheap to find. And there's the manhwaka's debut one-shot in a volume, also a nice read.

What's Michael?-I personally prefer this to Club 9, but that's only because I'm a total slave to my cat. Club 9 is amazing though.

Works of Mitzukazu Mihara-I don't believe I saw any of these listed. I'm not a fan of gothic, I tend to find them to be more style over substance, but her work is different, it's really actually special. It's hard to describe why, but try one of her one-shot collections like IC in a Sunflower or Beautiful People for starters.

Am I done? Am I? I think I'm done. I didn't think I'd list so many uncovered series, so sorry! I may list more later....sorry to make my post so damn long in the meantime
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Gina Szanboti

Joined: 03 Aug 2008
Posts: 10408
PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 12:09 pm Reply with quote
I don't read manga much. Maybe a dozen over the years. My eyesight makes it too difficult to tell what's going on in most of them (except sparsely drawn, low action works like Natsume's Book of Friends). But I read this column anyway because I really enjoyed the ideas presented, the histories illuminated, the mangaka bios, and all the other fascinating treats it offered. So count me among those who are sad to see this column go. It had a great run!
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R. Kasahara

Joined: 19 Feb 2013
Posts: 530
PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 12:12 pm Reply with quote
Very sad to see this column go; it's long been one of the main reasons I visit ANN. Thanks for all the great articles on series that were new to me and those I already loved.
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ANN Executive Editor

Joined: 05 Jan 2002
Posts: 7912
Location: Anime News Network Technodrome
PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 12:20 pm Reply with quote
TsunaReborn! wrote:
Sad my favourite column, I've discovered some great titles from this column... Another manga column going; I hope we get another to replace.

Right now we're moving away from columns and planning manga features, one-off single-topic articles like you've been seeing (the One Piece feature in the marquee right now is a model for it). We'll always do our regular reviews, and may increase the frequency of manga reviews, but feature articles are the future for this stuff. We have a lot of things planned!
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