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Episode 9 contains two possible references to the flying career of Japanese ace pilot Saburo Sakai and one to Japanese ace pilot Tetsuzou Iwamoto, who together are the real-world counterparts of the character Mio Sakamoto. First, in 1942, Saburo Sakai disobeyed orders and did not shoot down a Dutch civilian aircraft after approaching it very closely - this incident is alluded to in the episode, although here it is Yoshika Miyafuji who disobeys orders and does not shoot down a Neuroi "craft" after approaching it very closely. Second, later in the same year, Sakai was seriously wounded and blinded in his right eye after the canopy of his fighter was shattered by enemy fire - in this episode, Sakamoto, who already wears an eye-patch over her "magical" right eye, is seriously wounded after her shield is shattered by the Neuroi's fire. Third, it is revealed in the episode that the "hineri-komi" ("twisting in" or "corkscrew", translated in the subtitles as "left twist") is one of Sakamoto's special manuevers - this was actually one of Tetsuzou Iwamoto's specialties.

Gertrude Barkhorn's little sister Christl is named after the real life wife of the Luftwaffe Ace Lieutenant-General Gerhard Barkhorn.

The Fuso Aircraft Carrier "Akagi"is the ship used to transport Major Mio Sakamoto and Yoshika Miyafuji to Britannia. In real life, this actual ship is used as the flagship of the Imperial Japanese Navy armada that is send to attack Pearl Harbor to start World War Two in the Pacific.

Perrine Clostermann's lightning spell called "Tonnerre" that can strike down multiple targets is named after a town in France.

Perrine's power, the "Tonnerre" was most likely based on the same French Assault Helicoper carrier of the same name...the "Tonnerre (L9014)". This carrier uses a completely electric propulsion system, with two pods at the aft and one maneuver pod at the bow. In fact, Perrine also emits some electrical propulsion that causes objects to combust. She had used this power in an earlier episode.

Perrine Clostermann's name probably comes from the WWII French aviator Pierre Clostermann.

In episode 2, Major Mio Sakamoto is accompanied by dozens of A5M Fighter Aircraft on the flightdeck of the Fuso aircraft carrier "Akagi". In real life this type of aircraft called "Claude" by the Allies are used by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Force during Sino-Japanese War before replaced by the famous and more agile A6M Zero Fighter Aircraft.

In episode 6, Yoshika Miyafuji, Mio Sakamoto and Minna Wilcke are riding in a transport aircraft called Junkers Ju 52 with 501st Joint Fighter Wing markings while escorted by Sanya Litvyak. In real life this type of transport aircraft are used by the German Fallschirmjagers (Paratroops) for airborne operations in Holland and Crete during World War II.

Erica Hartmann's "panty-thieving" incident on the day of her military decoration in episode 7 may have been inspired by a real-life incident that took place on the day of Luftwaffe ace pilot Erich Hartmann's military decoration in March 1944. Having been invited to the residence of the Führer for the ceremony, Hartmann unwittingly took Hitler's hat from a hatstand and tried it on.

In episode 8, Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke, whose real-world counterpart is Luftwaffe ace pilot Wolf-Dietrich Wilcke, is shown singing the 1938 song "Lili Marlene", which was made famous worldwide by German singer/actress Marlene Dietrich.

In episode 8, Minna's male companion have mentioned something about Operation Dynamo while in the middle of the traffic during their evacuation from Gallia from the Neuroi invasion. In World War 2 history, Operation Dynamo is the event when the Allied Army (the French and the British) have successfully evacuated the beaches and harbour of Dunkirk from the German invasion during the early stages of World War 2.

Due to licensing issues, the insert song Minna Dietlinde Wilcke (Rie Tanaka) sings in Episode 8 of the original Japanese version of Strike Witches, "Lili Marleen," has been replaced by another insert song, "Negai no Tomoshibi," sung by Minna Dietlinde Wilcke (Rie Tanaka), on the Japanese track of Episode 8 on the North American Region 1 DVD release by FUNimation Entertainment, Strike Witches: Complete First Season. "Negai no Tomoshibi" is the 41st and final track on the Strike Witches: Anata no Dekiru Koto game album CD released March 24, 2010 by Columbia Music Entertainment.

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