Cat's Eye - Season Two (Sub.DVD)

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Title: Cat's Eye - Season Two
Volume: Sub.DVD
Running time: 925
Distributor: Nozomi Entertainment

Release date: 2014-11-18
Suggested retail price: $59.99
Age rating: 16+

UPC: 742617142222 742617142222

Together,​ Hitomi,​ Rui,​ and Ai are Cat's Eye,​ the greatest art thieves Japan has ever known.​ But they don't steal for money or fame - they do it in the hopes of finding their father,​ a great painter who went missing after World War II.​ While they're off searching for him in Europe,​ a new female thief claiming to be Cat's Eye starts wreaking havoc in Tokyo! She steals anything she can get her hands on,​ and her brutal methods are putting the lives of the police at risk.​.. It's time for the real Cat's Eye to head back to Japan and bring her reign of terror to an end!

Contains episodes 37-73.​

Special Features: Clean Opening and Closing.​

Spoken Languages: Japanese,​ English subtitles.​

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