170 Artists Collaborate for Comiket Heisei Tribute Anthology

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170 illustrators and doujinshi artists are collaborating on a large magazine to commemorate the ending of the Heisei era. The 292-page anthology is called Heisei dōjin monogatari (Heisei dōjin story). It will be distributed on December 31, the third day of Comiket 95. Besides illustrations, it will feature a timeline of Comiket's history, discussions, and rankings of the most popular series represented at Comiket.

The anthology costs 3,000 yen (US$27) and can be pre-ordered from Animate, Toranoana, Melon Book, and other anime-related vendors. If you purchase it at the Comiket venue, it will come with a limited-edition booklet.

A list of booths at Comiket where the magazine will be sold and the full list of artists represented is listed on the anthology's website. Artists Morikuraen and Annindōfu (who are best known for drawing the character designs of Kizuna Ai and The [email protected] Cinderella Girls respectively), are among the artists who announced their participation on Twitter along with illustrations they have drawn.

The Heisei era is the current period according to the traditional Japanese calendar, which is based on the reign period of the emperor. The Heisei period started on January 8, 1989, the day after the death of the Showa Emperor Hirohito, and is likely to end on April 30, 2019 (Heisei 31), the date which Emperor Akihito is expected to abdicate the Chrysanthemum Throne.

The Heisei era is popularly associated with "the Lost Decades", the years of economic stagnation following the rapid growth attained during the height of the Showa era.

Source: Nijimen

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