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How Can Singer Ado's Fans Shake Her Hand Without Ever Seeing Her Face?

posted on by Ken Iikura-Gross
With an ingenious solution

Japanese singer Ado recently announced a meet and greet handshake event with her fans. The only problem is the performer does not publicly show her face. Although this appears to be a big hurdle for the performer, she and her staff have come up with an ingenious way to keep her identity private: keeping her in a separate room.

Image via Ado Shop

Ado announced the meet and greet handshake event on X/Twitter on June 20. While the announcement did not state how the singer would meet her fans without revealing her identity, the official X/Twitter accounts for Ado and her staff posted images on how the meet and greet would be handled:

A special raffle has been decided 🎊

✅Course A: Ado handshake event🤝

✅Course B: Autographed poster
~with your name~✍️

✅Course C: Ado JAPAN TOUR 2024
Mona Lisa's Profile Album Advance Sale💺

For details, click here💁‍♀️

I'll be doing a handshake event. Regards.


As shown in the post, Ado will be in a separate room with a hole for her to put her hand through. It does seem a bit overboard, though, as a simple mask could also suffice in keeping her identity hidden. This may come from Ado wanting very little about her appearance publicly known.

Surprisingly, the idea of keeping the singer in a separate room serves another purpose, safety. While it's not explicitly stated the room is for Ado's safety, this is a good way to keep the singer out of harm's way. Especially since there are cases of fans attacking their favorite performers at these sorts of events.

Universal Music Japan has not revealed the specific date and venue for the Ado meet and greet. However, company lists that the event is planned for some time in October at a venue in Tokyo. The event will be limited to 500 people, and tickets will be available through a raffle with a physical purchase of her new album Zanmu. Lucky fans who win the raffle will get a chance to meet the singer, albeit the only thing they'll see is her hand.

Sources: Universal Music Japan, Ado Staff's X/Twitter account, Ado's X/Twitter account, Ado Shop via Hachima Kikо̄

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