Star Ocean 5 Game's Promo Videos Preview Characters, Kingdoms

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
Fiore, Victor, Resulia, Langdauq previewed for June 28 release in N. America

Square Enix North America began streaming a battle trailer for the Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness role-playing game for the PlayStation 4 on Tuesday. The company also began streaming character spotlight videos for Fiore and Victor.

Square Enix began streaming promotional videos on Friday that preview the Kingdom of Resulia and the Kingdom of Langdauq.

Video game news website Polygon began streaming a 70-minute English gameplay video last week. The video covers the opening areas of the game and a later section 10 hours into the game.

Sony's PlayStation Blog confirmed last week that the game will ship on June 28 in the U.S. Square Enix had listed earlier this month that it would release the game in North America on June 28, then removed the listing. The listing now has the June 28 release date up again, and gives information on the game's Day One Edition.

The Day One Edition will have two background battle music themes from Valkyrie Profile and Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria that players can have playing during battle, and download codes for: The Ring of the Valkyries, Gold Bunny Statue, Bushybrume Cincture, Wristlet of the Stars, and Secret Sthalian Tome.

The game will cost US$59.99. The game's Western release will have both English and Japanese audio. Square Enix describes the game:

STAR OCEAN, the epic, sci-fi RPG saga that takes players to the stars and beyond, makes its triumphant return with its forthcoming fifth installment in the series. The title is developed by tri-Ace, the celebrated studio behind each of the previous iterations, with character designs by akiman (Akira Yasuda).

At this point in history, between the second and third games in the series, the Pangalactic Federation is nearing the fulfilment of its mission: Peace and order throughout the galaxy. However, the embers of conflict begin to stir once more on the planet of Faykreed, 6,000 light years from Earth, as a new story begins in the ocean of stars.

The PlayStation Blog post also provides more details about the game. The game will eventually have a core team of six playable characters with a seventh character as a support. The game will have a battle system with multiple layers, including an "interplay between weak attacks, strong attacks, and blocking," "Special Arts (physical skills) and Signeturgy (magical skills)" that are learned by reading books, and a Role system that has Roles that are unlocked over time.

Square Enix released Star Ocean 5 for the PlayStation 4 in Japan on March 31 after a delay, and will release the game for the PlayStation 3 in Japan on April 28. The game's Western release is for the PlayStation 4 only.

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