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Sekai Project Adds A Bouquet of My Beloveds, Love's Sweet Garnish Games

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
Also: Heart of the Woods, The Waters Above

Video game localization company and publisher Sekai Project announced at its panel at Anime Weekend Atlanta on Friday that it will release Cosmillica's A Bouquet of My Beloveds (Subete no Koi ni, Hanabata wo.) and CANVAS+GARDEN's Love's Sweet Garnish (Koi ni, Kanmi wo Soete) games in English. It also announced plans to release Studio Élan's English-language visual novels Heart of the Woods and The Waters Above

Sekai Project will release Cosmillica's A Bouquet of My Beloveds (Subete no Koi ni, Hanabata wo.) "yuri visual novel" for PC via Steam in 2018. The company describes the story:

Nagisa Seishuu has returned from the city to her hometown in the countryside after two years. Feeling at odds with the boring monotony that her life has become, she thinks that perhaps it would be best to simply become a hermit. But then an unexpected encounter changes things.

She meets three other girls who are more than what they seem: they're spirits. And, curiously enough, only Nagisa can see or interact with them. None of them, including Nagisa herself, know what love is like. But perhaps they can learn.

In an unknown town, an unfamiliar miracle has begun to search a corner of the world for a tiny flame of happiness.

Cosmillica released that game for PC on August 13.

Sekai Project will release CANVAS+GARDEN's Love's Sweet Garnish (Koi ni, Kanmi wo Soete) "slice-of-life visual novel" for PC via Steam on December 31 for US$19.99. The company describes the story:

Ogi Sawasaki has just moved to a new town, where he is a transfer student in an unfamiliar school. His new home is with his grandmother, whose house also serves as a café. However, after recently falling ill and becoming hospitalized, his grandmother has been unable to run the café and so closes it up. He decides, with the help of his childhood friend, to renovate the café and bring it back to life!

Two girls immediately join as part-time staff: Niwasa Karira and Shionome Yarishe. Cherry blossom petals blow at their feet, heralding what is sure to be a fateful and lovely encounter, and a hint of the bittersweet story to follow.

CANVAS+GARDEN will also release the game for PC in Japan at the end of December.

Sekai Project will release Studio Élan's Heart of the Woods "mystical yuri visual novel" for PC via Steam on May 25. The company describes the story:

Traveling to a remote village in the woods, Maddie and Tara have low expectations. The two run a popular online show focusing on the supernatural, but thus far it's been nothing but smoke and mirrors. When they receive an invitation to the antiquated village of Eysenfeld, they're expecting more of the same. But it soon becomes apparent that the locals are hiding a secret. Maddie sees unnatural beasts in the forest that she's sure are products of her imagination. Lights in the woods flicker and sparkle but disappear if she gets too close.

In time she learns that the lights come from a girl named Abigail. Well, the ghost of a girl. She was sacrificed hundreds of years ago by the villagers to appease the god of the forest. Maddie devotes her time in Eysenfeld to getting to know Abigail, and eventually promises to break the curse that binds her to the woods.

Sekai Project will release Studio Élan's The Waters Above "fantasy yuri visual novel" for PC via Steam in 2018. The company describes the story:

There exists an ocean between Heaven and Earth, where sea nymphs tend to the stars. Maera is tasked with the immense honor of raising the first star born in centuries, who is named Apple. The world is getting old and magic is fading. Her lover, Clio, wants nothing more than for the pair of them to run away and be free, but Maera is bound by her sense of duty.

The Waters Above is a yuri kinetic novel that presents a fantastic and strange world. A world that combines the ocean depths and the outermost heavens. A world where magic sustains every aspect of life and magic can no longer be counted on.

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