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Tetsuya Nomura: Kingdom Hearts Will Not End with Kingdom Hearts III

posted on by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Stage event at Tokyo Game Show reveals boss battle details, confirms secret movie, characters' ages

Kingdom Hearts game series director Tetsuya Nomura said during a stage presentation at Tokyo Game Show 2018 on Saturday regarding the previously revealed news that Kingdom Hearts III will end the "Dark Seeker Saga" of the game franchise, "it's most definitely not the end of Kingdom Hearts. I'd like to continue Sora's story." Nomura again confirmed that the game will be the final game with Xehanort as the main enemy.

The livestream also revealed other details about the game, including a boss fight that will be in the game. Spoilers, highlight to read. [Aqua will be a boss fight enemy in the game.]

The boss battle in action can be viewed in the video below. The video contains spoilers for the game.

The presentation also revealed more gameplay through a gameplay elements introduction video.

Nomura also revealed during the event that the game will have a secret movie, but the staff are still deciding on how to implement the secret movie into the game. Nomura said there might be a different method of delivery than in previous games, such as being released as DLC after the game's release. Nomura added they're thinking about a different method in order to be fair and to avoid potential spoilers for players. The game's staff are also considering adding online components to the game.

Nomura also revealed the approximate ages of several characters in the franchise, including Terra (20), Aqua (18), Ventus (16), Young Xehanort (18-20), and Master Xehanort (in his mid-80s).

Square Enix will release Kingdom Hearts III on January 25 in Japan for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and on January 29 in the West. The game was previously planned for a release this year.

Square Enix first announced Kingdom Hearts III in 2013. Confirmed worlds include Big Hero 6, Toy Story, Tangled, Monsters, Inc., Pirates of the Caribbean, Frozen, and the returning Olympus Coliseum world. Hikaru Utada returns to perform the game's theme song "Don't Think Twice" (the song in Japanese is titled "Chikai" or "Oath").

The game franchise includes 11 titles (19 including Final Mix titles), and the series has shipped 25 million copies worldwide.

Source: Kingdom Hearts III TGS 2018 stage presentation

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