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Viz's Shonen Jump to Add 9 Digital Manga

posted on by Alex Mateo
Viz to speed up Demon Slayer manga releases

Viz Media announced nine digital manga releases for 2019 and 2020 at its panel at Anime NYC on Friday.

The company also announced that it will accelerate the physical and digital releases of Koyoharu Gotouge's Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba manga. Viz will ship one manga volume a month beginning in May 2020. The company will also release new chapters digitally on its Shonen Jump website every month beginning in December

Title: Robot × Laserbeam
Creator: Tadatoshi Fujimaki
Release Period: Summer 2020
Summary: Robot × Laserbeam centers on a boy who is nicknamed "Robo" because he shows no emotion and acts like a machine. When his only friend tries golf and is bullied by more experienced players, Robo accepts a challenge to take up a golf club himself, and his methodical nature works to his advantage.

Title: Red Sprite
Creator: Tomohiro Yagi
Release Period: Winter 2019
Summary: The land of Edenia is transformed overnight by the discovery of plasmarrow, an incredible power source responsible for new inventions and greater prosperity. Unbeknownst to the general public, a dark secret lies behind it all... People are being sucked dry of their life force to exponentially supercharge the plasmarrow's power! And there are more sinister plans in the works — seven very special children are being experimented on who can potentially become even greater sources of energy.

Title: Love Rush!
Creator: Ryōhei Yamamoto
Release Period: Early 2020
Summary: Throughout Shonen Jump history, romantic male leads have had a tough go of it. Mostly, their problems arise due to the manga malady known as "clulessness." But this time around, hapless Reiji Hakuba is all too aware of his burden ... the Ubermale gene! Thanks to this medical anomaly, females from all over can't help falling in love with him! Even nonhuman ones!

Title: Hi-Fi Cluster
Creator: Ippei Goto
Release Period: Early 2020
Summary: In the year 2045, Tokyo developed into an Ability Society -- a fair and equal place where people can download skills they don't already have by wearing a special sticker called an ability label. The flip side to this technology is the rise in ability crimes, where people buy and sell altered labels underground and use their abilities to commit crimes. Special Unit Six of the Metropolitan Police Department led by Kosaku Kandera is out to put a stop to these crimes...by any means necessary.

Title: Yui Kamui Lets Loose
Creator: Hiroshi Shiibashi
Release Period: Early 2020
Summary: What is the terrifying secret behind beautiful honor student Yui Kamio's hair?! And why must she always keep it tied up? Super popular Kiito's high school life is plunged into chaos by the worst classmate imaginable! Hiroshi Shiibashi, the creator of Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan , delivers a comedy that isn't afraid to let loose!

Title: The Last Saiyuki
Creator: Daijirō Nonoue
Release Period: Early 2020
Summary: Returning from school, third-grader Ryunosuke is introduced to a young girl. His father tells him that she will be his little sister starting that day. Her name is Koharu. She is blind and her arms and legs are prosthetics. She holds within her a power beyond human understanding... A bizarre and fantastic Saiyuki story for a new generation!

Title: ne0;lation
Creators: Tomohide Hirao and Mizuki Yoda
Release Period: Spring 2020
Summary: A technical delinquent and a regular delinquent take over the Japanese criminal underworld!

Title: Hell Warden Higuma
Creator: Natsuki Hokami
Release Period: Spring 2020
Summary: The manga centers on Higuma Kagarite, who is from a family of exorcists who have the ability to send spirits back to hell after they have come to the realm of the living and possessed human bodies, making those humans commit crimes. 400 years ago, many souls broke out from hell, and Higuma is a warden of hell, who is duty-bound to send all the souls back.

Title: Stealth Symphony
Creator: Ryohgo Narita
Release Period: Spring 2020
Summary: The story follows Jig, a young boy who embarks on a magical journey to rid himself of an unfortunate curse.

Sources: Email correspondence, Viz Media's Twitter account

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