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Hanabee Entertainment Licenses Inu x Boku Secret Service

Key Info on Inu X Boku Secret Service

  • Ririchiyo wanted some peace and quiet, but chose to find it in a haven filled with demon bloodlines, and her bodyguard wants only one thing: to be her dog.
  • Along with previously announced titles such as Hakuōki and Hiiro no Kakera, these Shoujo titles are aimed to an underdeveloped market in Australia.
  • Will be released in April 2013 in both English and Japanese audio.
  • Release available in both DVD and BLURAY format.


Ririchiyo Shirakiin just can't make friends.

If it's not her family's high status in society driving people off then it's her cold, caustic personality and sharp remarks that are. Staunchly independent to a fault Ririchiyo decides to move in to the Maison de Ayakashi, a selective apartment complex for the super elite…or so everyone thinks.

The residents here at the Maison de Ayakshi, hide a secret that requires their own personal Secret Service. Belonging to familes who have all mingled with the supernatural, the residents here have all wound up inheriting their powers whilst still remaining human. As a consequence they've become vulnerable to actual attacks by these actual supernatural creatures and thus need protection from them. Although Ririchiyo has rejected such company during her stay, she inevitably finds herself with the Secret Service agent, Soushi Miketsukami, at her disposal nonetheless.

Soushi, obedient to a fault, just might be the answer to Ririchiyo's problems. She just needs to acknowledge this fact is all.


OVA, Clean opening and ending


It's gorgeous, sweet, has periodically effective romance, and has some seriously loveable characters.

- THEM Anime Reviews


Kaichou Wa Maid Aama, Black Butler



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