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PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2016 6:07 pm Reply with quote
Within the next year I will be moving to a different city to live on my own and I can't possibly bring all the junk I've accumulated over the years with me. As a result, I started cleaning up my shelves and boxes of stuff in the basement. I've found many nostalgic relics of the past scattered throughout the house that range from my Shonen Jump and manga collection, Bootleg VHS tapes of subtitled anime I would get from shady places all over town in the 90s, Far too many DVD singles of anime (4 episodes that cost $30) from companies that are no longer in business (Bandai, ADV etc), and A LOT of video games from various systems.

And while it's a drag to dig through all this stuff trying to figure out what I want to keep and what will go on eBay -- it is enjoyable to a certain degree to re-live all those memories.

While sorting everything, I started thinking to myself "which games were the funnest to play, which games moved me and changed my outlook on life, which games made me cry, and which games were simple mindless fun"?

Which brings us to this topic, I would like to share and hear what others have to say. Which games are your all time favorite? They don't need to be the "best" games, objectively speaking form a technical perspective, they simply need to be games are are closest to your heart. I picked my choices due to certain experiences or emotions I have associated with them, maybe funny moments I had with my friends - the idea is that they have a story associated with them, and that's why I will forever be fond of them.

(note: certain games I will bundle into a single category, instead of having each subsequent sequel as a separate choice - also, there is no particular order to them)

Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed (PC) - Released on the PC and PS1in Q1 of 2000, and me being born in the early 90s, this was one of my my first games I ever played. Previously, my only real experience with video games were the few times I played Ninja Turtles with my cousin on his NES and that one Crash Bandicoot game I played on the computer in the main lobby of our hotel when I went on vacation with my granny.

Interestingly enough, I didn't really "own" this game. In the late 90s when laptops were just becoming a thing, my dad was given a laptop for work. It wasn't his, it belonged to the Airline he worked for at the time, and it was temporarily given to employees for work. I guess the person who used it before my father was a gamer, because this laptop came with a few installed games. The three titles were this game, Duke Nukem, and Mortal Combat. Naturally my dad deleted the latter two, and only let me play NFS Porsche a few times a week in the evenings. I must have put far too many hours into this game than it deserved - but since my only alternative options were Solitaire, Microsoft Paint, and Minesweeper - I played NFS Porsche a lot.

At a later time when the laptop was returned I lost the game, but a few years later I acquired it again on the PS1 and played it on my PS2.

Pokemon Ruby Version (GBA) - Ruby and Sapphire Versions released in March of 2003 in North America, and Ruby Version was my very first non-PC game I owned. Every boy in elementary school owned a GameBoy... except me. I would spend nearly every lunch break watching my friends play Red/Blue/Yellow/Gold/Silver/Crystal and battle each other. For the longest time I wanted to join them, but my parents refused to buy me a GameBoy because of the poor quality of the screen.

Finally I convinced my dad to get me a GameBoy Advance with Pokemon. We went to the store (it was Zellers - for those few Canadians who remember it) and I got a light purple see-through GameBoy Advance but they did not have Ruby. In that same mall, we found some private second-hand game store (that went bankrupt a few years later) and they had an open box Ruby Version that I got. I was delighted to have my first gaming console and a brand new Pokemon game - but my troubles did not end there. When I got home and started playing, my dad got upset at the GameBoy! The regular GBA did not have a back-light for the screen. Concerned about my eyes he went back and returned the system that same day.

I was devastated for the next week. Luckily my dad asked around and we were recommended the newly released GameBoy Advance SP (that came out that same week) with the back-light screen. He was going to get me the silver one, but I decided to be picky and we went all over the city until we found the red one at some Walmart - mainly because the red color matched the red plastic of the Ruby cartridge.

The 3rd generation of Pokemon is to this day my favorite, and my first starter (Sceptile) to this day exists. He traveled the Generations of Pokemon games and now resides in my Omega Ruby version. This Generation also is home to my favorite Pokemon of all time, that being Latios. I few years later I got Emerald, and it became my primary 3rd Gen game. My file has 9 of my friends in it (from mixing records) and a total play time of 437hours. spoiler[(I will also admit that the ending theme during the credits to this day gets me to almost cry)]

Need for Speed Underground (PC) - This is another racing game I had a lot of fun with. I got it in late 2003, and I will never forget how realistic the graphics looked to me at the time. The game was very fun. My good friend at the time also had it and it was fun going over to his house and racing him split-screen. Did anyone else go the opposite way on the racing downtown track just to collide head on with other contestants when you're bored?
I also really fell in love with that one design choice where you could paint a red rose right across the side of your car. In the future when I am a rich douche bag, I will totally get a black Mitsubishi Eclipse with that red rose paint job. 8)

Sly Cooper 1-3 (PS2) - Released in 2002, this was my first PS2 game I owned. Sly 1 was fantastic. A perfect blend of a good story and very fun gameplay. That game has one of the best game designs for its time. I remember I was stuck in that crocodile boss when I had to do button commands to dodge attacks - man did that part frustrate me. There really isn't as much I can say about this game as the others. It was my first game on the PS2, and I loved it. I skipped the second one, but got the third game on release.

Later on I got the PS3 HD collection, replayed the games (#2 for the first time), appreciated how fun they are, and to this day consider this trilogy great.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja 1-5 (PS2) - Does anyone remember the days when we had 14 playable characters and everyone was happy? Well, I do. The original Ultimate Ninja released in Japan in late 2003 and made its way to North America in June of 2006. Naruto was becoming a national phenomenon around that time, everyone was talking about it at school. I was part of a Naruto club, we all went by names of characters form the show, I was known as Neji in that club haha. The only Naruto games out at that time were Clash of Ninja (GC) and Ninja Council (GBA). I never owned the GameCube, so while all my friends were enjoying the 3D fighter that was CoN, I was stuck with the portable side-scroller that could be beaten in 2 hours (not that I minded, great game).

You can imagine how happy I was to learn that a Naruto game was coming to the PS2 (the only home console I owned). Interestingly enough, it released on my friend's birthday. We both got it from BestBuy and beat it that same night. Then we proceeded to fight each other, and I started to rage as I continuously got my ass handed to me since I sucked at inputting button commands during Ultimate Jutsus.

It was an interesting time in my life. Anime was huge in the 2000s, we as as a class would argue with our Gr.6 Homeroom teacher that InuYasha and Naruto are better than Ghost in the Shell - which he religiously watched. We had great shows on TV, school was fun, every day we'd go to each others houses and play games. During lunch we'd watch YouTube videos of Ultimate Ninja 3 and be amazed - remember that 2006 YouTube? It was simple but amazing - you could find all sorts of things on it back then. Each following year in Spring I would get the sequel: UN 2, 3, and 4. Ultimate Ninja 5 never came out in the West, and it wasn't until 2011 that I imported the European version of UN 5. Yet to this day the original Ultimate Ninja remains my favorite Naruto game, I have 288 hours played. It is my ritual to play a few rounds every summer.

Bleach: Blade Battlers (PS2) - This is a game that I consider a big lost opportunity for SEGA. After it released in Japan in late 2006, it quickly made it's way on the bucket lists of every Bleach fan. Little did we know that we would never get it here in the West. This was still around the time that anime was huge here in Canada, and everyone watched Bionix (Canadian Toonami equivalent). Me and my buddies were hyped for this game as it supported 4 player brawls. It was the ultimate party game.

I was lucky that one of my friends imported the game, and we played it A LOT. At the same time, we were unlucky since he moved to a different province just months after.
When he moved, we wanted to import the game again. We didn't get around to doing it until much later though. By then, the anime craze died down, and the PS2 was an old system. We also all played that Wii Bleach game, Shattered Blade, but it was only 2 player and not as fun. I guess the saying "there is a right time and place for everything" is applicable in this case? For that time, this game was gold - it's too bad we couldn't enjoy it at its prime. But nonetheless, I still love it.

Fullmetal Alchemist: and the Broken Angel (PS2) - Released in early 2005 this is one of the hardest games based on an anime you can play. This game will break you. I will admit though, it's a personal guilty pleasure of mine. Upon getting the game, it took me nearly a year to get to the final boss - only to realize I was under-levelled to fight her. Unfortunately, due to the game's design, leaving to grind is impossible. I was stuck on a hard final boss that I couldn't beat.. with no way to train. Upon realizing that, I had no choice but to restart the game.

The second playthrough began in the summer of 2006. I never even got to the final boss that summer, then school started, and I got distracted. This was all middle school. In my first year of high school (2008) I came back to the game... this time with a friend. We got to the final boss. We couldn't beat her. We gave up.

The 4th time I came back to the game was during March break of 2010, by myself, and determined to beat it. I got halfway.. I got distracted. I returned during March break of 2011 - and I finally beat it. I think this is the longest time it ever took me to beat a game. I also think I have it memorized. Every attempt and trap the game has to screw you over, I have them permanently engraved in my mind. I believe that I am the best player of this game in the world Laughing . And now that I wrote about it.. I kinda wanna replay it again.. and cry at the ending again.

.hack//G.U. Vol. 1-3 (PS2) - I will admit, I prefer the GU games to IMOQ. I think the original games really captured me with the music and the idea of a game within a game. Upon beating them (and regrettably selling them) - I fell out of .hack for a while. I still owned the .hack cards, and I still liked the anime, but I didn't care for .hack for a while. It wasn't until I saw the promotional page in Shonen Jump for Vol. 1 of GU that my passion for the series we reignited.

But due to financial reasons, I never bought Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 -- instead I rented them from blockbuster. It was also around 2007 that I started following this site. I would keep checking the main page daily in hopes of finding more news on the release of the next volume (though it wasn't until way later that I joined the boards.. mainly to moan about my disapproval of how CC2 is handling the series these days).

I did however buy Vol. 3 on release in September 2007, mainly because my birthday was approaching. It was an exciting time to know I owned the latest volume of a .hack game and I had all the time in the world to play it. No more deadlines on when to return the game! The game was great, I loved it.
I think the funniest and greatest memory I have is of the day I beat it. It was February 2008, and it was snowing like hell that day. I remember pretending to be sick to stay at home - and it worked! Both my parents were at work, all my friends were at school, the snowfall was heavy, it was 9am in the morning, and I had the entire day to experience the finale of the GU saga. It was amazing. Even as a clueless middle school kid, I was moved by the ending. Very touching. spoiler[Though it wasn't until 2013 that I replayed the game for the 5th time and actually beaten the forest of death post game dungeon and gotten Tabby on my team.]

Persona 3 (PS2) - This game came out in August of 2007, so right before going to school. At that time I had no clue what Persona was, or what Shin Megami Tensei was for that matter. The Internet recommended the game, and we all know the Internet does not lie... haha. People said it's good, it was an anime RPG, sooooo I was definitely on board! It's funny thinking back how I wanted to beat it before school started.. heh.

Persona 3 was a painful experience from start to finish. It had great music, high school anime characters, "digimon" you can collect and fight with... "I've played plenty of these kind of games" I kept saying to myself. So then why was I having so much trouble with it?
Persona 3 was a hard learning curve. I never experienced games quite like it. The fundamental mechanics seemed straightforward, but the deeper systems of the gameplay were too much for me. I didn't know how to use the Internet that well back then - it was a teach yourself trial and error approach. On top of that was the dark and gloomy story, which made me feel uneasy.

Saying all that, it was an experience. I struggled my way through it, and I finally beat it. I felt satisfied, for two reasons. One, I learned how to beat hard games. And two, I was moved by the story. I don't know how, but I knew the main character spoiler[passed away]. It was very vague, and many people did not get the ending. But I knew.. It was a bittersweet moment and I felt conflicted. It was the first time a game showed me a "happy ending.. but not really" type of conclusion. Also.. I gotta fault the game for this one thing.. high school life is not as exciting as they hyped me up for it..

Pokemon Diamond (DS) - Yes, I got another Pokemon game on this list. While Ruby is my favorite game (and my first Pokemon game), I think Diamond and Pearl are the games I've anticipated the most in my life. The hype was real for these games. I remember TV commercials, every store that sold games had giant posters everywhere, gaming magazines had monthly scoops, toys, plushies, stickers, Nintendo DS special editions. Heck, my dad had a Master Card that had Dialga on it.

Every day I would hang out with my friends at the park after school, play Mystery Dungeon Blue/Red, and just anticipate these games. It was the subject of discussion before, during, and after school. I remember looking at the sky during sunset/dusk and comparing the orange-purple part of the sky to Palkia and the already dark night sky to Dialga. I was obsessed.

Interestingly, out of all my friends I wanted Pearl, but ended up with Diamond. I did not have a DS until May, and the games came out in April of 2007. I remember running with one of my friends to Blockbuster during lunch to pick up his Diamond, only to be disappointed it was sold out. He ended up getting Pearl because he didn't want to wait. Similar things happened with a few other friends who missed out on Diamond (I guess the more popular version) and ended up with Pearl. It was hard to find these games. They were sold out everywhere. I guess it's no surprise they remain the best selling DS games of all time. In late May my dad went to get my Pearl at BestBuy, but they were sold out, so he got me Diamond. I was upset, but over time started preferring the Diamond version, and now I like it better. Funny how that works.

Rune Factory Frontier (Wii) - God I love RF Frontier. If you haven't played this masterpiece, you must! Get a Wii and play it!
I was introduced to this game in 2009 through a YouTuber who did playthroughs. I had no interest in this game, but watched the playthrough because I liked her commentary. That's when the game started to grow on me. It looked beautiful, sounded beautiful, had fun farming and battling mechanics, and plenty of cute girls to seduce - amazing! In all seriousness though, this game is so damn peaceful. It's very relaxing, cute and colorful. It's the definition of serenity.

By the time I got the game, it was out of print. I found a used copy for $70 only for it to get a re-print a few months later. I think it's dirt cheap in a bunch of places now. If you like harvest moon games, or never played them, try this one out. It's very addicting. Even to this day I sometimes visit the game's website to enjoy the peaceful music - it's so soothing. Hint: take the personality quiz to see who your best match for marrying in the game is! ------>

Catherine (PS3) - Catherine was a blind buy for me, almost. It came out in July of 2011 and I picked it up on my way from summer school. I took next year's English over the summer to avoid having to read books throughout the school year, and that day I was in a great mood after receiving a final grade of 98% in the course. I randomly stopped by an EB Games, just for fun. There I saw this gem. My only knowledge of the game was a few random reviews I saw a week earlier giving the game 9's, and that trusty ATLUS logo. "In ATLUS I trust" I thought - and I got the game.

There isn't much to say. The game is a masterpiece. It's beautiful, it's interesting, it's fun, it's challenging, at times it's funny, and at times it's scary - just a fantastic work of fiction. I highly recommend this game to practically anyone. It's worth it.
On a side note: the summer of 2011 was crazy, I got Catherine, DW Gundam 3, and Bleach Soul Ignition - all of which are amazing games I love.

There are many other games I love, but I simply can't go over all of them. I am already writing this post for almost an hour, and I could go on forever haha. There are plenty of notable mentions I have, the likes of:

Suikoden V (PS2)
- How I rented it, loved it, refused to buy it out when Blockbuster was going bankrupt, and now hate myself since it's impossible to find.
The Original Star Wars: Battlefront (PC) and GTA 3 (PC) - For being crazy fun mindless entertainment.
Valkyria Chronicales (PS3) - For being an underrated gem of last Generation. I would never have found this beauty if it wasn't for Shonen Jump Magazine. Am I ever glad they're doing an updated PS4 port!
Tales of Symphonia (GC) - It was one hell of a summer when me and my best bud rented it and tried to beat it in one week. Remember the 2 discs the game was on because it was too much for a single disc release? Remember those ice puzzles near the end of the game? Remember how long that game was? Good times.

Thank you for reading! I am looking forward to everyone's favorite games and stories. Please take some time to responded. Explain why those games are so important to you. It doesn't have to be as long as me, or so many games, a few is fine too.

And on a side note, can anyone recommend what to do with my Old Manga/DVDs/Games that I don't want? Certain things I can sell, but other stuff I know nobody will buy. It would be a waste to throw them out. Any ideas?
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 22, 2016 11:43 am Reply with quote
Tough question, hahaha.
Well, just to mention a few:
Danganronpa 2 (Vita) - My current fav game (it tends to change a lot). I had played the original game and watched the anime, but Danganronpa 1 was "just a good game" for me. My only "problem" with the game was that I didn't care about who lived and who died. I really enjoyed the plot, the artwork and the soundtrack, but it never really resonated with me on a more personal level.
And what was my surprise when I came out of D2 absolutely destroyed by its events. I loved every single one of the characters, I really wanted them to have a nice life and, well, anyone who played any of them knows it would never be so simple. It's the main expectation in the series: it will be a battle royale between students and they'll all suffer to some extent.
I was pretty much in the shoes of Hajime during the last class trial, feeling exactly the same things he was.
BTW, I don't own the game. It's my friend's. Funny thing is that I was the one who told him to buy when he found it cheap and I played it before he even did. xD Looking forward to getting the PC version now. ^^

Megaman 7 (SNES) - My first Megaman game. I found it at a rental shop back when I was a kid and decided to give it a try. Despite not being able to go through any of the stages after the introductory one, I loved the game a lot. It was so much fun to go through a stage that started raining midway through or to slide in an ice stage. Not to mention how colorful it was and how its soundtrack just rocked a lot. BTW, I actually played the Japanese one (Rockman 7) back then and I never found it again at the shope after the rental was over. xD

Pokémon Black/White (DS) - The game that almost made me give up the series entirely. ...I'm not kidding. I had a hard time playing through Black and gave up. But there was this thing about N and the Team Plasma's ideology that made me really wish to continue. So one day I decided to give it another try, now playing White. Well, must I say anything besides that White is my fav in the series? It was really neat to see the main series with a serious plot that made me seriously think "Hey, that team has a point this time around. Maybe I should just release my pokés. But, nah, there must be some kind of catch." I don't really like the pokés in that gem so much (except for Blitzle/Zebstrika), but that didn't bother me at all.

Ar tonelico (PS2) - I love this series for its neat worldbuilding revolving around Song Magic. The concept of a deeper bond with a Reyvateil through getting to know her Cosmosphere (Subconscious) better (diving) and the way it made me care for pretty much all of the characters in the series really separate it from the rest (despite them having really simple, clichéd main plots [especially, Elemia]). Bought a PS3 just to play QOGA, considered by most people the worst in the series due to its battle system. Still have to play it though. BTW, despite thinking 2 is a better game, I have more personal love for 1 due to how it toyed with my feelings (I liked Aurica, but chose to do a certain thing that seemed more urgent to me and that made me locked on Misha's route. I ended up liking her once I got to know her troubles, and then spoiler[a certain third Reyvateil appeared and I was unable to resist going with her]. At the end, it seemed like a really bad ending for both other girls. =/ Unlike At2's spoiler[Jacqli] ending...)

Tales of Innocence (DS) - My favorite Tales of game. I think its usage of the reincarnation theme was really well done (and I love how it impacts the characters, the plot and the villains' reasons). I also love the Infinity Jam, which allows you to do longer combos if you time your attacks right. The style system (pretty much a job system) was also really nice. The soundtrack is also fantastic.

Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection (PS3) - This really shook me up. I really love the way the series discusses serious affairs not so apart from real life politics, bringing many other important stuff to the table (e.g. war economy, deterrence, information control). And at the same time it has some silly stuff as well, which is really enjoyable. Razz I was surprised by how much I liked it, considering I avoided games like it for so long.

Well, those are some examples, but there are many other games I'd mention.
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My favorite games are too many to list here, so, I'll mention some of my favorite game series:
- Resident Evil.
- Metal Gear Solid.
- The Legend of Zelda.
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Yolande Holleran

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Well, my all time favorite is Sims. Mostly due to how much stuff I can experiment with and make them do. Then there is Clumsy Ninja to kill time. It's amusing and fun. Other than that nothing comes to mind right now. Very Happy
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Even though I haven't played it in over 15 years I still have a lot of love for the original Sid Meier's Civilization; I used to regularly set aside a weekend day to just play the game all the way through from start to finish.

In the early '90's I got into some shareware games like Wolfenstein 3d, Doom, Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold and Duke Nukem II which all became favorites and, thanks to DosBox, I still play them now (and own full versions of the first three).

The only game console I ever had was a Sears game system (Atari 2600); the games I remember most fondly from that are Stellar Trek and Yar's Revenge.
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Halo 3. I grew up playing Halo, but I was finally old enough to understand he concept of it when Halo 3 came out and it's all my friends and I ever played. It holds the secret to my childhood nostalgia and anger
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Aca Vuksa

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2018 12:34 pm Reply with quote
My favortie games:
FIFA games
Need for Speed[/b]
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J-Dark Side

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 7:37 am Reply with quote
Working on a list but I keep adding stuff lol

Off the top of my head...

Mass Effect 2 - The only genuinely great Bioware game. Perfect loop of story and gameplay, love the switch in focus from generic space story to Commander Shepard and the Suicide Squad Adventures. Also, Suicide Mission is genuinely one of the best game themes in all of the medium's history.

Rayman Origins - Easily the best designed platformer I have ever seen (and the fact that I like it even more than Donkey Kong Country Returns is a huge endorsement). The animation is just indescribably beautiful, matching perfectly with the smooth controls and motion. It never felt so good just to move.

Alan Wake - Sam Lake and friends somehow convinced Microsoft to let them make a videogame about how they felt like they were hacks who got lucky with Max Payne and the end result is one of the most incredible looking horror games ever, period. The fact all the meta stuff is so central to the horror and themes is what cements it as amazing in my eyes.

Killer7 - I could not explain what this game is if my life depended on it (beyond maybe conspiracy thriller and on rails survival horror, which barely scratches the surface), but SUDA 51's first big game is instantly memorable and actually grows on you the more you think about it. It does something a lot of games fail to do - reveal more layers upon replay.

Deponia Doomsday - I love point and clicks, but the Deponia series is a super mixed bag, thanks to its rather gross sense of humor. Goodbye Deponia is a real mess in particular. But then you have Doomsday, a game that starts by appearing to be a take that at a fickle fanbase before quickly revealing its layers and becoming a dark comedy tragedy about flawed people trying to change their awful positions in the world and coming to uncomfortable but meaningful conclusions about why their suffering may be necessary. Michaelis is a really hit and miss creator, but his hopeful brand of nihilism is oddly comforting and insightful when he manages to stop making crappy jokes for a few seconds.

Always Something Monsters - An adventure game about surviving the hellscape that is modern Capitalism by traveling from city to city as a homeless writer trying to get back together with their one true love. What makes it a classic is how it uses the motif of choice never making it clear what choices will be meaningful and what won't, even confusing further by hiding the connected strands between all these choices. If you ever wanted a game to show you just what an awful person you can be, this is the one.

GOD HAND - Mechanical perfection. It may look like slapped together garbage and have utterly broken sound mixing, strapped with one of the dumbest stories in gaming history, but at the core is a shockingly complex and deep combat system that rewards experimentation and creativity. It also helps its aggressive stupidity is so stupid it wraps back around to brilliance. The first real boss you fight is a fat guy Mexican oni named Elvis, who's theme is filled with Elvis sound samplings. He's followed by a dominatrix stripper succubus ...who is also a magical girl with an army of poison chihuahuas. Yes, you read that right. Few games make me smile like GOD HAND...assuming I'm not losing my mind from the insane difficulty.

The World Ends With You - I have a burning hatred for Nomura (WHY HAS NOBODY STOPPED HIM) but there's no denying that TWEWY is a masterpiece. It's bold and inventive in what it tried doing with the DS hardware, but the game's story itself was surprisingly strong. Nomura's usual themes of creating bonds is actually insightful for once in this setting, twisting his usual power of friendship nonsense into an interesting look at our need as humans to clash with each other and grow from those experiences to expands our own views. Persona 4 helped me figure out my sexual identity, but my love for it has died off due to how clearly regressive Team Persona actually is in their views hindsight showing me thematic core flaws in my once favorite game. But TWEWY, which I played at exactly the same time, never had this issue. It just gets it, and it genuinely changed me as a person.
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 4:07 am Reply with quote
My favorite game is Elder Scrolls Online since the first day of the release date. I know everything about ESO and it is why I am the best in this game. I know metadata and what to do, craft, where to fight for making lots of gold in this game and this is pretty awesome. Last time I even buy eso gold
and now I have the best gear so I can do whatever I want. All essence of MMORPG I have in ESO.
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I'm a big fan of all Pokemon-based games! I dreamed about my own Pokemon since I was a kid. Imagine my happiness when the Pokemon Go game appeared! It was really fantastic. Now I don't have much time for catching Pokemon somewhere but I still playing something like this on my tablet.
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Thanks for this topic over here I like playing a game very much. Previously, I used to watch a pokemon on the TV, but yet I didn't try its series to play. I am in a mood to this game with me. What about Super Mario. Have you guys known about this older game? I used to remember that I played this game on the bigger system. Just for the curiosity what other game are you all playing?
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So many good games here )
My favorite ones are RDR2, Heavy Rain, Detroit.
I mostly play console games as you can see, but I'm always open to any platform game available.
Devil may cry and Bayonetta are pretty lit too xD
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WCC2 is my favorite games.
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I am not to be original, i like to play Dota. I play this game since 2014. This game has inetersting storyline and I can play it online with some my friends. Two days ago I heared about dota 2 betting here and want to try it too.[/url]
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