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NEWS: New Book on Anime in August

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 31, 2013 9:37 am Reply with quote
"Odell and Le Blanc also consider anime style and genres, its market and importance in Japanese culture, and its perception in the West including controversy, such as criticisms of sex and violence in anime that affect other national markets, including the UK (notably Urotsukidoji) and the USA, where it is considered a ‘kids only’ market."

I don't understand the obsession with anime being mislabelled a "kids only market" - by whom? I'm not sure whether that quoted text is referring only to America or to here in the UK as well but its prbly as wrong for America as it is for over here.

When I went to British anime forums most posters (also: anime watchers) seemed to be adults over 25 which is why I don't bother trying to make real life friends on them. Despite the age of most anime characters the fandom seems not only to be older but even the uni age lot obviously look down on the younger teenage fans (most of whom seemed to be interested only in Naruto and Bleach anyway - how many of these younger kids go on to other anime and manga, or are those shows just a dead end cash cow?).

Of course anyone who's read about the background to the British industry knows anime used to be seen as badass by the 13-25 age group when the biggest British distributor actually courted controversies (no publicity is bad publicity rite? - unless it makes you look ridiculous... when E4, a youth channel no less, made otaku look ridiculous were they suggesting that anime fans are little kids?).

Whenever I hear certain people complaining "they think its a kids cartoon" I'm reminded of the whole video game subculture bitching against how people 'still' thinks all gamers are ten year old kids (an American stereotype from the NES era no one ever believed in the UK anyway). Everyone knows the average gamer in the UK is now a male over thirty just like in Jimmy Carr's jabs, so the idea people think video games are for kids is itself a stereotype that doesn't exist or have relevance.

I just want to know who ever thought anime (as a whole) is for kids-only when the mature content of anime has been around for ages and is almost as well known as Pikachu. Even people who can't name shows like Elfen Lied or Hellsing are at least aware those kinds of anime are there.
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