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NEWS: Arina Tanemura to Begin New Manga in March

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 05, 2016 7:53 pm Reply with quote
A "new" kind of romance, huh?

Lemme guess: the main girl will START OUT in a polyamorous relationship with the hot-headed tsundere dude who wants to protect her and the sweet, cuddly, wise dude who also wants to protect her but usually leaves it to the hot head.

Literally every other work I've read of hers has had this relationship. Hell, the only reason Full Moon Wo Sagashite didn't end in that three way was because spoiler[one of them was dead.]

I dont mind it, but she seems to have the same three people fall in love in EVERY story, I almost want to conspire that theyre all connected through reincarnation. Rolling Eyes
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 06, 2016 1:05 am Reply with quote
Hmm. I suppose the publications is loose enough for 31 Ai Dream that this makes sense. I am excited! Also quite curious~.

@ machetecat : I would say that's a little true, but also just as untrue. I don't think the guy from Gentleman's Alliance was that hot-headed, and Chiaki was a quite a bit, but no more than anyone else in the series. I think Sakura and Kyoko are the biggest offenders of that, and even then, I can give Kyoko a pass because what's-his-name was fairly mature and tame at times, but he got hot-headed for gag scenarios mostly. Otherwise, he had his moments, but I wouldn't call it a defining character trait (just like his "brother" wasn't really cuddly, sweet or wise; just more reserved and silly).
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 06, 2016 7:37 pm Reply with quote

machetecat wrote:
she seems to have the same three people fall in love in EVERY story.

...............uh, no. That only happens in like three of her stories, if that.

In Time Stranger KYOKO, spoiler[Sakataki was a gentleman; his brother was the creepy one who kisses girls when they're sleeping without their permission.]

In KKJ, spoiler[Chiaki wasn't tsundere at all but extremely dere-dere and the other boy who liked Maron was a total wuss who didn't tell her his feels until it was too late.] And the other guy who liked her was a scummy rapist.

In SDC, Haine chose the right guy; spoiler[again, his brother was creepy and unlikable. I wouldn't call Takanari "hotheaded" though, he was more "aloof" than anything.]

In NekoKin, Ai starts off liking an older guy but she spoiler[falls for her much younger cousin] putting an entirely original twist on this kind of love triangle.

In Mistress Fortune, there weren't any love rivals at all.

Arina's only stories with a sorta similar triangle are Full Moon, Sakurahime, and Ai Dream. Even then, they're not exactly alike.

Added a few spoiler tags. --willag
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 09, 2016 11:14 am Reply with quote
I'd say that Gentlemen's Alliance totally fit machetecat's pattern by the end, since the two dudes' personalities (and looks!) changed so much over the series. I feel like they kinda transformed into Takuto and Eichi, haha. ^^;

(They're also the closest to a "polyamorous" relationship that I've seen from Arina, spoiler[with the last chapter and its jokes like tee hee, let's all live together and Haine can marry us both!])

I do think that Arina's earlier works (before Full Moon) don't follow this pattern so much, but it's everywhere in her newer stuff. It's not necessarily a bad thing; some artists just have one story in them and enjoy the experience of telling it again and again-- eg, Makoto Shinkai, whom I love.

ANYWAY- yaayyyyy more Arina! Hoping and wishing that it'll be translated into English speedily this time!!
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