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REVIEW: Little Witch Academia GN 1

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:49 am Reply with quote
I was actually very impressed with the first volume. I was expecting the usual kind of manga adaptation—just a crude, mostly incoherent retread of the anime. I bought it just to support LWA, which is one of my favorite anime in years and years and years. Really love that it’s about 60% new (parallel) content because it means that side characters get more time to shine! And the writing may not be as good as the anime, but in a world without Shimada Michiru, it’s better than I ever expected to see. All the characters feel on-point.

Heck, I was even impressed by the art. Maybe it pales in comparison to the anime, but even so, I really appreciated how much character and humor was conveyed through character expressions. Watching Akko pull off some bizarre face was often all it took to make me laugh.
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2018 8:44 am Reply with quote
I read this manga last year before watching the anime and I enjoy what I read so far. Whoever or what group was translating the manga seemed to have stopped working on it at some point for whatever reason so my time reading it was short lived. However now that this manga is license I can continue to see where this continuity of Little Witch Academia goes. I have the first volume lying on my bookshelf at the moment that I got on the first day of it's release.

I was on twitter one day when I saw a message from the official twitter page of the anthology this Little Witch Academia manga was being publish and it showed a few comic pages of a future chapter featuring characters I have never seen before in the anime, or any continuity of LWA I could get access to for that matter. From the looks of it I think this manga is going to be delving into a original story arc at some point, but I do not entirely know what that would be since I cannot read Japanese and I am not too trusting on the translation feature from Google to be certain of the context of the preview.

The only thing that doesn't quite work is the tone in Diana's hair, which isn't quite as subtle as it could be.

Yeah, I'm with you there. Diana's hair does not look as good as it does in other continuities. Her hair in this manga feels stiff.

Sucy the biggest disappointment of the volume. Something of her cunning is lost in translation, which is a major shame, since she's such a fun character in the original animated format.

For me the most disappointing thing relating to Sucy was that her family backstory from the original manga illustrated by Teri Terio does not fully carry over to this manga. I like the idea that Sucy is from a large, prestigious family of witches that specializes in poison and for this reason they have developed an immunity to different kinds of poisons and venom. While it's not to say that Sucy's backstory in this continuity is bad (in fact I read this one before reading the rest of the chapters of the first manga, and I though it was good backstory), I just find the idea to be so much more interesting and cool.
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