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Tenchi Universe - ep. 5: No Need for Partners

by Kyle Pope,

Tenchi Universe: No Need for Partners

1. Not an Edit... Kiyone says "Oh, god!" (I guess in Toonami's earlier days this expression must not have been a problem. I'd like to know what changed as it has been deleted from every other Toonami anime since.)

2. Nobuyuki's "OK everybody, I think we should really get close to each other right now" in the new bathroom cut.

3. Long cut. Scene of Nobuyuki trying to peep into the girl's bath only to be stopped by Tenchi cut. Subsequent scene of Ryouko inviting Tenchi to bathe with her only to be stopped by Aeka cut. (As Washuu explains that Nobuyuki couldn't get into the women's bath anyway I don't see why such a massive cut had to be made. I guess they really object to Nobuyuki being a Peeping Tom.)

4. Tenchi's "I don't know what to do with Dad" changed to "Why do I have to do all the chores".

5. Ryouko, Kiyone and Washuu now wear digital swimsuits in the bath. (And Kiyone's digital one-piece matches her headband. How cute.)

6. Ryouko's "...have some hot sake" changed to "...have some hot tea". (Someone must have come up with a drinking game for all these sake-to-tea substitutions by now.)

My heart really goes out to Nobuyuki. Having little enough to do with the series as it is CN has edited out his one distinguishing characteristic. Not that being a Peeping Tom is something to be proud of but it's all the man has.


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