Zoids! - The Ultimate X (Dub.VHS 6)

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Title: Zoids! - The Ultimate X
Volume: Dub.VHS 6
Running time: 110
Distributor: Geneon Entertainment Inc.

Release date: 2003-02-11
Suggested retail price: $14.98
Age rating: nr

UPC: 013023184534 013023184534

Zoids, mechanical life forms who fight with the direction of a human companion, form the center of hundreds of teams scattered around the Earth who compete with each other for Zoid superiority. When Bit, a young boy, joins Team Blitz and is given control of a Zoid named Liger Zero, he sets out on a life of adventure as both teams and individuals constantly challenge Team Blitz to Zoid battles. In these episodes, the Royal Cup Tournament has begun and Team Blitz are in the thick of it from the get-go. Unfortunately for Bit and Liger Zero, the Back Draft Team has learned inside information about Liger Zero that even he doesn't have.

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