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This interview is being conducted with Kazufumi Nomura, President of A.P.P.P, the Japanese animation studio that is the parent company of the new North American anime distributor Super Techno Arts. A big thank you goes to MAYUKO Hayashi for assisting Anime News Network with this interview.

ANN: Thank you for allowing me the time to talk with you.
Kazufumi Nomura: Not a problem.

Anime News Network: Can you tell me a little about yourself and how you got involved in anime?
Nomura: At first, I was working as an assistant director for theatrical movie film, but I think I was lucky to find a want ad for 'Mushi-Production'(which is one of the most famous anime production companies in Japan) just after Ifound out the industry I was working for at that time was not in demand any more as it used to be....As I look back, it was a good chance for me to take a first step to THIS industry.

ANN: Who and what is Super Techno Arts?
Nomura: A.P.P.P is our parent company in Japan ,which produces animation videos and distributes them mainly to Asian countries including Japan itself. Our company, Super Techno Arts is so-called their counterparts in North America. We distribute the videos, which produced by A.P.P.P., mainly to US and Europe. Also as an agent produces original American anime and Japanese-American joint works.

ANN: How did you come up with the name Super Techno Arts?
Nomura: Super Techno Arts stands for 'STAND' from JOJO. At first we tried to make the word with the acronym 'STAND'. 'Super' for S 'Techno' for T and 'Arts' for A,but we couldn't find any good words for N and D...This is where our company's name comes from.

ANN: Why did your company decide to enter the North American Market?
Nomura: Because it was in demand. About 10 years ago, we were asked to make inroads into American market. This was the beginning of our branching out into a foreign country. Our first work in US was Robot Carnival which could get big reputation in North America.

ANN: Can you list all the titles Studio A.P.P.P. has done?
Nomura: I will name the recent ones below.
TV series:
*Omishi Maho Gekijo-risky and safety*
*Kacho Oji*
*Kurogane Communication*
*El Hazard*
Video series:
*JoJo's Bizarre Adventure*
*El Hazard*
*Robot Carnival*
*Roujin Z*
*Golden Boy*

ANN: What is Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventures for our readers who haven't seen the series?
Nomura: It must be shocking for them to see it at the very first time. I suppose JO JO's is the kind of stuff you have never seen in your life before SE and Music used in JO JO's are produced by Skywalker Sound in SF which has produced exclusively for Disney's theatrical films so far ,and this helps making JO JO's more powerful, outstanding and above all successful. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a 6 episode OVA. The story revolves around a man who is a stand user named Jo Jo & his quest to destroy his nemeses in order to save his mother '.. Stand users possesses power from their stands (some sort of Tarot card) and only other stand users can see their power. Jo Jo's is based on a long running manga.

ANN: What is the status of that being released here in North America? Will it be released subbed and dubbed?
Nomura: It will be released in both formats.

ANN: Do you plan to release your titles simultaneously on DVD? If not, do you plan to release it on DVD in the future?
Nomura: Not simultaneously but in the near future, yes we hope to.

ANN: Are there other titles Super Techno Arts will be releasing besides Jo Jo's? What's your release schedule?
Nomura: We are now planning to release a couple of videos like 'Robot Carnival', 'Crimson Wolf' and some Korean TV series came out in Japan before.

ANN: Do you plan to do the production work in house on the dub or will you source it out to another company?
Nomura:It is to be even. Half in house, and other half would be sourced out.

ANN: What studio are you using for voice acting?
Nomura:We are going to use studio in L.A. and studio at Skywalker Sound in SF.

ANN: How big do you plan to grow your company?
Nomura: Size of the company doesn't matter to me that much. The important thing is to keep good quality. Quality matters more than quantity.

ANN: Your first public announcement of your company was at Anime Expo this July. What other conventions and events do you plan to attend in the coming year?
Nomura: We were attending some events last year, but each of them was not in a large way. If there are some events interests us, we would love to attend them eagerly as much as we can.

ANN: Any thoughts of showing Jo Jo's on a broadcast or cable network in North America?
Nomura: Yes, we hope to have it on in the near future.

ANN: Does you company plan to distribute manga or game titles in the future, or will it just focus on anime?
Nomura: For now, it's just focus on anime. As for games and manga, we are not willing to deal with game and manga, until we are asked to do so.

ANN: How can fans find out more about your company and how to contact you: email, phone number, website?
Nomura:You can reach us by email all the time If you need further information about...

1.Super Techno Arts : STA or [email protected]

You'll find our website up before long at

ANN: Does APPP have a website in Japan?
Nomura: Not now, but we are planning to built it in the near future.

ANN: How can anime fans help your company?
Nomura: We appreciate direct reaction from all the fans, like email. We are dying to know what fans think about JO JO's and what is good, what is not. Also suggestions like what kind of anime you want to see is fully welcome. I think we could get completely different reactions in foreign countries. I'm looking forward to it.

ANN: Are you hiring anyone new positions for your company?
Nomura: Not at this time. But I suppose the time will come when we need somebody help us.

ANN: Any final remarks you wish to make?
Nomura: Keep an eye on our works hereafter. We are now at work on JOJO's sequel at this moment,so keep your fingers crossed.

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