Dōjin Circle Draws Mecha Modeled After Sex Toy

posted on by Eric Stimson

Moe anthropomorphization may be a craze sweeping Japan, but what about mechamorphization? The dōjin circle Kuramochi Zukan specializes in it and has drawn mecha based on the Tenga line of male sex toys.

Tenga Boy and Tenga V

Tenga Robo first appeared on the group's Twitter account on Valentine's Day and White Day (a gender-flipped version of Valentine's Day on March 14), where it caused a sensation. Kuramochi Zukan followed this up at this season's Comiket with a full color art book which includes many variations on the Tenga motif, including a robot modeled after the Tenga Egg.

Tenga Robo Mach 2 Full Armed

Simple Tenga Robo

The miniature Tengaron


Ryūhachitō Tenga

Egg Angel

Kuramochi Zukan — which is a group of 24 illustrators led by Kyōryū Kuramochi — has also adapted other designs into mechas, including this Kantai Collection character.

Tenga Robo's Twitter popularity is such that Tenga has given it its official approval. Tenga Eggs have also been given away at a Monster Musume event. And yes, Tenga products have also been turned into cute girls.

[Via Kai-You]

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