Mr. Osomatsu Unveils Sugarmatsu, Chickenmatsu, More Collaborations

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In addition to revealing a new visual and the October premiere date for the new season of the Mr. Osomatsu anime, staff released a slew of collaboration and event announcements for the franchise on Tuesday. Character and anime merchandise maker Ensky is offering sugar figures of the Matsuno brothers for use on Christmas cakes and other confections.

The full list of ingredients is as follows: sugar, corn starch, starch, starch syrup, gelatin, flavoring, coloring. With a shelf life of two years, fans are liable to enjoy these cavities-in-the-making for quite some time.

Each "Osatōmatsu-san" (Mr. Sugarmatsu) figure costs 1,500 yen (about US$14), and Ensky will only release a limited number. Preorders opened on Wednesday, and the sweet decorations are slated to ship in September.

The franchise is collaborating with the Lawson chain of convenience stores to offer a new type of Karaage-kun fried chicken.

The snack has a six-spice yakisoba sauce, and a Matsuno brother peers out from each chicken chunk. The packaging features the sextuplets in Karaage-kun hoodies. The first 50 people to purchase the fried chicken at each Lawson will receive an Osomatsu pick starting on June 13 and a Totoko pick starting on June 17.

Each package of karaage will cost 216 yen (US$2), and they will debut on June 13.

Apart from the above enticing edibles, Mr. Osomatsu's "Matsu no Ichi" merchandise campaign will return this summer as "Natsu no Matsu no Ichi" (Summer Matsu Market).

The new campaign's summer theme is "Cream Sodamatsu." Merchandise featuring special character illustrations will be available at Omotesando Hills' Space O event space in Tokyo on July 1-2.

The Matsuno brothers are also getting their own cafe in partnership with Sega. "Sega Collabo Cafe Osomatsu-san Ikebukuro" will feature original character-inspired food, dessert, and drink menus.

People who order from the drink menu will receive an original coaster. Mr. Osomatsu fans who order from the food and dessert menus will receive an original bromide card. A shop will also sell exclusive goods at the cafe.

The cafe will run at the Sega Ikebukuro GiGO store in Tokyo from June 23 to August 27. The promotion will run in two waves with different menus and freebie items. The first wave will run from June 23 to July 21, followed by the second wave from July 22 to August 27.

Takara Tomy Arts and Kamio Japan's Kūsō Suizokukan (Fantasy Aquarium) characters are collaborating with Mr. Osomatsu to hold the "Honmono Suizokukan Tours" (Real Aquarium Tours) event this summer. The Tokyo Joypolis theme park is holding a Mr. Osomatsu promotion until July 2.

Source: Animate Times via Nijimen

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