Manga Artist-Favored Dr. Ph Martin's Ink Will Continue to Be Sold in Japan

posted on by Kim Morrissy
Art stores announced last week that they would no longer carry the product due to a price raise

Dr. Ph Martin's watercolor ink, a favorite among manga artists, will continue to be sold in Japan after various art stores announced last week that they would stop carrying the product after December 31. Dr. Ph Martin's posted a statement on Twitter on Sunday saying that it "does not intend to withdraw from the Japanese market" and stressed that the product will be restocked in retailers around the country in the latter half of the year. In the meantime, the company advised customers to order the product via Amazon.

On May 7, the Toyama art shop Gazai Tanpopo stated the ink will not be readily available after December 31. The shop followed up on May 9 with a statement that read that the product's cancellation is due to a drastic price revision by Dr. Ph Martin's parent company, Salis International. The art supplier Bonnycol Art issued the same statement on May 9. Enthusiasts, including manga artist and character designer Arina Tanemura, took to social media to share their disappointment.

Dr. Ph Martin's statement did not address the price raise.

Animators found themselves in a similar situation in 2015 when Mitsubishi Pencil announced it would no longer produce colored pencils favored by the animation industry. Cartoonists flocked to art supply stores to buy up the remaining orange, blue and yellow-green pencils used to draw cels.

Source: IT Media

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