Over 100 Manga Artists Team Up For 'Manga Day to Day' Relay Serialization

posted on by Kim Morrissy
Ashita no Joe's Tetsuya Chiba kicks off comic strip series about life under COVID-19

The Manga Day to Day project launched on Monday, posting a new manga strip every day by established manga artists. The initiative was started to explore life under COVID-19, and so far the account has announced that over 100 manga artists will be participating.

The first strip was drawn by Ashita no Joe creator Tetsuya Chiba. The manga opens with Chiba musing about the dangers of COVID-19, especially to the elderly, while struggling to think of something to draw. Eventually, he draws a picture of a Japanese yokai called "amabie." According to legend, an amabie appeared from the sea of Kumamoto and said that if disease were to spread, the people who are shown pictures of the amabie will be cured.

The project is organized by Kodansha's online Comic Days service. The second strip was drawn by Kenshi Hirokane (Chairman Kosaku Shima), the third was drawn by Daiju Yanauchi (Gaki Rock), and the fourth was drawn by Sei Ishikawa (Ningen Nyūmon).

Other participating artists will include Akiko Higashimura (Princess Jellyfish, Tokyo Tarareba Girls), Paru Itagaki (BEASTARS), and Moriko Mori (Gal & Dino).

[Via Nijimen]

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