Manga Artist Draws Albert Einstein Mural For German Embassy In Japan

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Shinnosuke Uchida depicts the famed physicist's visit to Japan 100 years ago

Artist Shinnosuke Uchida, known for creating manga-style wall paintings, drew a mural for the Embassy of Germany in Japan depicting Nobel laureate Albert Einstein's historic visit to Japan 100 years ago. The painting was completed on Monday, with the embassy's social media livestreaming the artist as she performed the finishing touches.

The mural consists of six panels, which depict the renowned physicist in various locations in Japan such as Tohoku, Kansai and Kyushu during his and his wife Elsa's stay from November 17 to December 29, 1922. Each panel draws from his travel journal or outsider accounts, with accompanying explanatory text.

Dr. Clemens von Goetze, German Ambassador to Japan, commented: “Albert Einstein made pivotal contributions not only to the field of theoretical physics; he also promoted intercultural understanding and peace. While the 1922 travels remained Einstein's only visit to Japan, his detailed records are testimony of the deep impressions which the Japanese society and culture left on him. We hoped to bring these impressions to life in as authentic a manner as possible. Uchida Shinnosuke's manga style seemed ideal for their artistic rendition."

Artist Shinnosuke Uchida commented: "I was very surprised when I was informed by the German Embassy in Tokyo that I had been selected to paint Albert Einstein's trip to Japan. In the process of creating this painting, I was able to learn about Einstein's enjoyment of Japanese culture, which made me very happy. Part of the wall will be finished with live painting, and I hope everyone who sees it will enjoy it. I am very honored to have this precious opportunity. Thank you very much."

Alongside her domestic exhibitions at events such as Tokyo Design Festa, Design Festa Gallery, or Tokyo Comic Con, Uchida has also appeared at Anime Expo 2019 (USA), Anicon2018 (St. Petersburg, Russia), JapanWeekend2019 (Madrid, Spain), Napoli Comicon2019 (Naples, Italy), and MAG Erfurt (Erfurt, Germany).

Source: Press Release

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