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Crunchyroll Will Add New GTO, Liar Game, Iryu - Team Medical Dragon, Galileo Dramas

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
Series will premiere on Crunchyroll this summer

Media distribution company Crunchyroll announced its new manga titles at its Anime Expo panel on Saturday that will add the new GTO, Liar Game, Iryū - Team Medical Dragon, and Galileo television dramas.

The new GTO drama will premiere this summer. The setting of the new series will be the Shōnan area where Eikichi Onizuka, a former gang member who becomes a "legendary" unorthodox teacher, grew up. Onizuka is assigned to his own alma mater.

Actor Akira reprises his role as Onizuka, and the cast also includes Yuu Shirota as Onizuka's old friend Ryūji Danma and Yūsuke Yamamoto as Onizuka's policeman friend Toshiyuki Saejima. The new live-action series will premiere this July and run every Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. on Kansai TV, Fuji TV, and other stations.

Crunchyroll added the four-episode GTO: Taiwan live-action show in March.

The Liar Game television series is an adaptation of Shinobu Kaitani's Liar Game psychological thriller manga. The two television seasons star Erika Toda (Death Note films) and Shota Matsuda (Hana Yori Dango television drama) as the protagonists Nao Kanzaki and Shinichi Akiyama, respectively. Kanzaki is a woman caught in a dangerous high-stakes competition known as "Liar Game." Akiyama is the genius con artist who comes to Kanzaki's aid.

The series will premiere on Crunchyroll this summer.

Tarō Nogizaka's Iryū - Team Medical Dragon manga has inspired four live-action series and the most recent premiered in January.

The series stars Kenji Sakaguchi (Ikebukuro West Gate Park) as Ryūtarō Asada, a genius surgeon regarded as a renegade in the eyes of other Japanese doctors because of his methods. The fourth season tells an original story about Ryūtarō and his Team Dragon as they try to create an ideal hospital in the face of the current state of the hospital industry, where large companies and trading firms in Japan are acquiring overseas hospitals and focusing on treating rich foreigners while mid-range local hospitals in Japan are left in poverty and are starting to collapse.

Teppei Koike (Gokusen, Love*Com the Movie), Izumi Inamori, Sadao Abe (Kamikaze Girls, Uzumaki), Kuranosuke Sasaki (20th Century Boys 3: Redemption), Mari Natsuki (Sakuran), and Ittoku Kishibe (Maison Ikkoku) reprise their roles for the series. Mikijiro Hira (Anju to Zushio Maru) joins the cast as Sakurai, Ryūtarō's only teacher.

The series will premiere on Crunchyroll this summer.

Galileo is a mystery drama based on the Tantei Galileo novel by Keigo Higashino. The story follows Detective Kaoru Utsumi (Kou Shibasaki) and his partner, a University professor named Manabu Yukawa (Masaharu Fukuyama). The first season premiered in 2008 followed by a second season in 2013.

The series will premiere on Crunchyroll in July.

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