VRV Streaming Platform Adds  Patema Inverted, A Letter to Momo Anime Films

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GKIDS released both films in N. America

Crunchyroll parent company Ellation's VRV streaming announced on Monday that it has added the  Patema Inverted and A Letter to Momo anime films from GKIDS to its VRV Select channel. Both films are available with both English audio and Japanese audio with English subtitles. The service also added French animated film The Rabbi's Cat.

Time of Eve director Yasuhiro Yoshiura's Patema Inverted film premiered in France in June 2013 and in Japan in November 2013. British distributor Anime Limited held a Kickstarter campaign for an English dub and it met its goal in one day.

GKIDS released the film in North America in November 2014 and describes the story:

Princess Patema lives in an underground world,​ but one day tumbles headlong into a void and out into the wide open world above the surface.​ Age is a student on this surface world when he spies Patema hanging upside-down from a tree.​ He pulls her down to safety,​ struggling to keep her earthbound.​ Together they master the art of navigating competeing gravitational forces and set out to discover the secret that keeps their worlds apart.​

The film won awards at the Chicago Int'l Children's Film Festival and Edinburgh's Scotland Loves Animation festival

Hiroyuki Okiura's A Letter to Momo premiered in Japan in April 2012, and screened in Hollywood for one week in November 2013 before opening in select United States theaters in 2014. New Video Group released the film on home video in October 2014.

GKIDS describes the story:

The last time Momo saw her father they had a fight – and now all she has left to remember him by is an incomplete letter, a blank piece of paper penned with the words “Dear Momo” but nothing more. Moving with her mother to the remote Japanese island of Shio, Momo soon discovers three yokai living in her attic, a trio of mischievous spirit creatures that only she can see and who create mayhem in the tiny seaside community as she tries desperately to keep them hidden. But these funny monsters have a serious side and may hold the key to helping Momo discover what her father had been trying to tell her.

The film won the 20th Annual Tokyo Kinder Film Festival's Best Picture award and the International Special Jury Prize in August 2014, the Chicago International Children's Film Festival's Second Children Jury's Prize in the Animated Feature Film category in the fall of 2013, and the New York Children's Film Festival's Grand Prize in March 2012.

Both  Patema Inverted and A Letter to Momo were previously available in the United States on Amazon Prime Video.

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