MangaGamer Announces New Title for Sister Fans at ACEN Along With Their Anime Expo Guest

May 17th, 2019--MangaGamer Announces New Title at ACEN along with their Anime Expo Guest!

Today at Anime Central, MangaGamer has unveiled their special guest for Anime Expo this year: the main illustrator bringing everyone the bountiful bosoms abound in Funbag Fantasy - Q-Gaku!

Q-Gaku is a veteran eroge character designer, colorist, illustrator, and designer working primarily in titles targeted toward adult males. After spending several years in the anime industry honing his skills during his younger days, he's now most famous for the Funbag Fantasy series published by MangaGamer, as well as Eden's Ritter.

During Anime Expo Q-Gaku will be hosting a Q&A panel for fans on Friday night about his work in the adult visual novel industry, as well as his work as an artist. He will also be signing autographs directly at MangaGamer's booth in the dealer's hall during normal exhibit hours, so fans will want to be sure to hit up the adult section there if they don't want to miss out!

That's not all though, as MangaGamer also announced a brand new title for little sister fans everywhere - Imouto Paradise 3!

While the events of Imouto Paradise and Imouto Paradise 2 have already proven the Nanases like to keep it in the family, the same holds true for the cousins of the original 6!

When Nanase parents away, the siblings will play in bed! Will you fall for Sakura, the deredere sister handling the housework; Rika, the diligent tsundere with great grades; Hinata, the adorable clutz loved by all; Hiharu, the bright, athletic gamer; or Zakuro, the calm and collected author of many erotica? Whichever sister you choose, you're in a for a hot summer with these sexy sisters trying to get intimate! Maybe you won't have to settle for just one, either!

If you're looking for that spark of familial love, then be sure to follow MangaGamer on Twitter, Facebook, or their blog so you don't miss out on the fun!

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