Monster Girl Doctor
Episode 10

by Grant Jones,

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Zunai approaches Skadi to encourage her to have the surgery suggested by the titular Monster Girl Doctor, but Skadi turns her away. The Draconness feels that it is her fate to pass on from this illness. Across town, Dr. Glenn continues to put together a team for surgery by visiting a cyclops workshop. There they enlist the cyclopes to help create surgical tools, and meet a purple haired cyclops named Meme. The problem is that in order to pierce Skadi's scales they require tools of astounding durability. The team gets to work on its production.

Meanwhile, Arahnia is practicing her suture work on Zunia to prepare for the surgery. Zunia informs the medical team that Skadi regards this sickness as the natural end for her now that she's established Lindworm as a safe haven for monsters. Glenn and Dr. Cthulhy go to check on the work that the cyclopes are doing. Cthulhy is pleased with the progress on the scalpels, and the boss hands Meme the job of producing the needles. Later, they get an urgent message that Meme has collapsed at the forge!

The team rushes off to rescue her. At first they suspected heatstroke, but it turns out to be related to her cyclopian nature. The eyesight of cyclopes is very good, but the fluid in their ears is more delicate and they can become dizzy easily. With Meme cured they return to the workshop where she explains how she ended up solving the problem of the surgical needles. Rather than make many small needles, she instead used a spinning wheel to bend a long steel wire and cut small pieces as they were bent into shape. With all the proper tools in place, Glenn compliments Meme and she runs off all flustered.

This episode was fine, I suppose. I can't quite put my finger on it but it felt like the pacing was off. I found myself struggling to stay focused even though the scenes moved at a relatively brisk pace. There just seemed to be very little tension with both of the actual threats in the episode – Meme's condition was solved instantly, and her solution to the needle issue was similarly handled off-screen.

The fanservice was actually more in line with what I thought the show was going to be when I first started watching. Lots of jiggling and cut open shirts and low angle camera shots to remind you that Meme was Chestily Blessed™. The clothes ripping off bit was almost Looney Tunes-esque in how ridiculous it was, and honestly gave me a good laugh. I'm not sure if that was the intent though. Honestly, it was all rather tame, especially when compared to some of the other things the show has done.

I will say Cthulhy's continued disregard for her tentacles is a great character bit. Her chewing on her tentacles in public and just haphazardly cutting off the ends in the workshop got a sensible chuckle from me.


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