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Tomo-chan Is a Girl!
Episode 12

by MrAJCosplay,

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Tomo-chan Is a Girl! ?
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They did it, everyone! These two have done in 12 episodes what usually takes other anime a lifetime. I know this anime is based on a relatively short and already complete manga series, but it is refreshing that we can reach the end of the show and have it feel like a complete unit. I don't know everything that was cut from the original material, but judging the anime on its own merits, I do like how we got to this point and how this episode addressed many of the characters' lingering thoughts. While some of the resolutions could be seen as a bit anticlimactic, others had some surprisingly subtle and well-written moments.

My favorite was probably when Jun confesses to Tomo at the end of the festival. It's ironic that Tomo was being cautious about dancing with Jun because she was worried about how it would look to everybody else—she gave Jun heat for that exact thing back in middle school when their thought process was reversed. This time, Jun uses the opportunity to hint at how he really feels, which of course causes Tomo to freak out. This was brought up one or two times in previous episodes, but I like how this episode tackled the insecurity that comes with transitioning from friends to a relationship. Tomo thinks it has to be one or the other, but it really doesn't have to a strict separation. If anything, they can just do more together. It really did warm my heart to see Jun so happy when they make it official at the end.

Speaking of Jun, I like the fact that he finally addressed a lot of the things that have been on his mind throughout this season and owned up to them as best he could. He reveals that he knew Tomo's confession was one of love, but he was too immature to accept it at face value. I do like how he pulls Misuzu aside and apologizes to her. I don't think their past relationship necessarily needed any closure, but I like how it's implied that there could have been something between them if things played out a little bit differently (again, I want to see that timeline). I like the fact that Jun tells Misuzu what she probably needed to hear without her even realizing it. Her meddling did probably get Jun to realize things a lot sooner than if he was left to his own devices.

It's nice to see the glimmers of Misuzu finally accepting the love from those around her. Last episode planted the idea that Tatsumi actually likes her for who she is and how that could lead to some additional closure for Misuzu. As much as I enjoyed that, it's actually refreshing to have a show that celebrates love between friends. Just because her best friends are in relationships doesn't mean she isn't any less loved. While the resolution could be seen as a bit easy compared to all the buildup it got, I think that's kind of the point, but I'll save that for next week. Overall, this episode did lead to a nice conclusion for everyone's characters, and I'm looking forward to what the epilogue has in store for us.


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