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Will not finish Rating Comment
Blade & Soul (TV) Weak Pros: Beautiful fighting animations
Cons: Everything else

Seriously. I don't know if I have disliked a main character as much as this chick since I watched Nyarko-san. Her main character trait is "emotionless". Well... that certainly makes for compelling story... This show has boobs, fighting, boobs, stupid scenes I don't care about, boobs, no plot whatsoever, and more boobs. But it takes itself way too seriously to even have redeeming fanservice. Sorry, just not my cup of tea. At some point this had potential, but I'm certainly done waiting for that to happen.
Chobits (TV) So-so 7 episodes in and I'm still not hooked. This show moves entirely too slow and Chi bugs the crap out of me.
GATE (TV 2) Not really good Just not good. I couldn't get over how poor the writing was and how poorly it's characters were treated. The plot is a mess and the "political maneuvers" are a joke.
Guilty Crown (TV) Not really good The action was gorgeous, and I was actually liking the story. Until the second half of the show when the heroes find themselves creating their own society in the ruins of their old high school. And then suddenly, no action, just stupid romance in a stupid school. The show wasn't good enough to survive the lack of action, and I stopped watching during the simulcast. Doubt I'll ever go back to it.
(The) Helpful Fox Senko-san (TV) So-so This SHOULD have been the absolute show for me. It's a feel good slice of life show about a fox spirit diety (complete with my major weaknesses, ears and tail) who comes to earth to pamper our protagonist as he struggles through a soul sucking job. It should have been funny and cute and silly... but it isn't. It's certainly no comedy. It just kinda tries to make you feel good I guess? I don't often feel like a slice of life type show is too much for me. I've enjoyed countless pointless episodes, but this is where I draw the line. Spending half an episode to watch Senko clean out the protagonists ears, or for the protagonist to hug her tail is just too little to latch onto, it becomes boring with no personalities to really bounce off of. Of course... there's also the latent uncomfortableness that is underneath the entire thing to blame as well. The show isn't shy about the fact that our fox diety looks like she's 8. That is distinctly NOT something I am into or appreciate in any way, and seeing her in the bath or moaning while her tail is touched does nothing but make me unsure if I should really have been watching this to begin with. At the end of it all, the only takeaways I have from this are negative, and for a show like this, where my sole purpose in watching it is to be comforted before falling asleep, this left a sour taste in my mouth and wasn't doing it for me. Onto the next one.
(The) Heroic Legend of Arslan (TV) Not really good I dunno, sometimes shows just don't resonate with me. The first few episodes of arslan were a struggle, but once the plot was established and we slowly started gaining characters and arslan and his pals got stronger and stronger as they worked to retake their kingdom I really started to get into it. It was a bit like fire emblem. Unfortunately, the momentum kind of fizzled out as the story bogged down with side characters and conflicts that didn't really mean anything and I'm just not excited about it. There's just really not much substance here.
KenIchi the Mightiest Disciple (TV) So-so Watched some of this with a friend. Kinda generic yet funny shonen action show, but nothing to really set it apart from the pack. Doubt I ever get back to it.
Kokkoku (TV) Decent I want to like this show a lot. The opening is top tier and the first few episodes are pretty good. But it just kinda flounders, and not much ends up really happening. It's a bunch of characters running around hitting the same story beats over and over again, and it's not like the animation is particularly striking or the characters particularly well written. It just sort of is, and there's just not enough time for me to stick with something I don't want to watch.
Laid-Back Camp (TV) Good There's nothing wrong with this show. It's CGDCT, which I love, and if this show took place in summer, I'd probably be all about it. But it's about winter camping, where it's cold and you bundle up, and just sort of sit there, cause it's cold. This show just makes me feel cold in general, and that's not what I want.
Last Period: the journey to the end of the despair (TV) So-so This just ended up being more of a cartoon feel than a real anime. It had no real overarching narrative, and the week to week hijinks was just kinda... not engaging. No thanks. Not enough time in my day for this.
Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (TV) So-so Kinda boring, a bit repetitive, I just sorta stopped watching it. It was ok I guess... if you really are wanting some shonen. You can certainly find better though.
PERSONA 5 the Animation (TV) So-so I think watching a playthrough of the game would probably be more fun than this show.
Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace (TV) So-so I'm down with the mystery, the blood, the gore, all of it. I want more shows that embrace that. But I'm totally not down with the main character, our boy/girl person who may or may not be in various relationships with his male friends. Nothing against that at all mind you, just the way it is presented is very creepy and intended very much as a trap. Not my cup of tea.
Recently, my sister is unusual. (TV) Bad The first episode was interesting, it crossed a line I didn't expect to see crossed in a normal anime. But anyway, after the first two episodes featured scenes where the main girl has to go to the bathroom but can't due to her being the least assertive person on the planet ("I have to go so badddd, but I can't tell anyone that, I'm just gonna sit here in misery!!"). I told myself the next time hat happened, I was dropping the show. I couldn't wait. Then it didn't happen, so I just had to drop it anyway, because it was terrible. There are much much better ecchi shows than this piece of crap.
Tiger & Bunny (TV) Decent I did enjoy the half of this show that I watched during the simulcast. I sort of lost interest though and its been several years. I dont really feel like forcing myself to finish it, so it will sit here unless I get the itch to watch it again.
Twin Star Exorcists (TV) Weak I was relieved when I finished this show. I was just so ready for it to be done. To its credit, it introduced a kinda compelling villain and had a good action scene at the end. It left a lot of loose ends open, but I'm used to that in anime and oh well, it's not like the story was incredible to begin with, so I'm not torn up about having questions not answered.

What's that? THIS IS TWO COUR?! Dear god, the number of shows that deserve 24 episodes and never got them while this show gets to continue flailing around for no good reason is a travesty. Seriously, this is the blandest of the bland when it comes to supernatural romance. Everything here has been done before, and much much better. These characters have no depth, no chemistry, and no compelling motive or drive beyond "vanquish all evil" woooooo. The villains are even worse. There's only so much I can take of beating up on monster of the week for no reason. Ugh, get this show out of here. I don't have enough time in my life to force myself to watch another 12 episodes.
Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil (TV) Weak It just gets to a point with certain shows where I just dread loading up the new episode. This show was so completely unbelievable with a protagonist that I absolutely hated. I thought this was going to be law and order with magic, which sounds AWESOME. But no, there was no mystery or tension surrounding the cases, just stupid tropes and dumb excuses for action. I'm surprised I made it to episode 8 looking back on it.