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Anime Spotlight - Sky Wizards Academy

by Anthony Foronda,
Broadcast Begins July 8, 2015 (JST)


I'll teach you -- the method to becoming the strongest..


With the lands under control of monsters called "Magical Beetles", humans were banished to floating cities in the skies. There, they created Sky Wizards as those that could combat the "Magical Beetles".

Kanata Age is the ace student of "Mist Gun", a floating city-academy that was the training grounds for Sky Wizards, an elite with the title "Black Master Swordsman (Chronos)". However, after a "certain incident", he was branded as a "traitor" and had distanced himself from the front line. But, Kanata is the one assigned to be the instructor for the E601 squadron, mocked to be the "delinquents". This squadron is home to three girls that are one, even two, notches outside of the norm. Kanata's instruction methods that he crams into them are all absurd and beyond common sense... "I will turn all of you into the strongest Sky Wizards." With out-of-the-box instructions from a "betrayer" for an instructor, they aim to become the "strongest Sky Wizards"! The story of growth for the "delinquent" girls now begins.


Kanata Age
VA:Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Weapon: Magical Cannon Blade <Gradius>

2nd year in Sky Wizard Main Division. 17 years old. Former ace of S128 Special Squadron and wielder of the title "Black Master Swordsman (Chronos)". Due to a certain incident, he betrayed the expectations of everyone around him, and became the most hated individual in the entire academy. Assigned to become the instructor for the E601 Squadron, he gives a strange training to the lackluster students.

Misora Whitale
VA: Nozomi Yamamoto
Weapon: Magical Cannon Blade <Radgrid>

2nd year in Sky Wizard Preparatory Division. 14 years old. Captain of the E601 Squadron. Looking up to a certain person, she aims to become a magical cannon bladesman. Feels responsibility as the captain and harbors passionate feelings towards a Sky Wizard, but her skills and accreditations do not match her feelings. Always full-power but gaining nothing, she is an awkward girl that often has sparks flying against Kanata and Rico.

Lecty Eisenach
VA:Nao Tōyama
Weapon: Magical Dual Blade <Amanohabakiri>

2nd year in Sky Wizard Preparatory Division. 14 years old. Member of E601 Squadron. User of a duel-wielding swordplay style known as the Eisenach Type Magical Dual Blade Style, there is not doubt she has enough skill. However, she gets nervous way too much and cannot show her skill to her fullest. Her introverted, kind personality works against her as she is often caught in the middle of an argument between Misora and Rico.

Rico Flamel
VA:Iori Nomizu
Weapon: Magical Gun <Athena>

2nd year in Sky Wizard Preparatory Division. 14 years old. Member of E601 Squadron. Beautiful and intelligent, and even is ingenious in having a great sense for sniping. However, she is an extreme narcissist that calls herself a "goddess", and detests making an effort that brings a sweat. A problematic girl that always looks down on others, but has another side to her that loves cute things...


Kanata Age
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Misora Whitale
Nozomi Yamamoto
Lecty Eisenach
Nao Tōyama
Rico Flamel
Iori Nomizu
Yuri Flostre
Risa Taneda
Chloe Sevegny
Yuki Yamada
Freon Flamel
Saeko Zōgō
Lloyd Alwyn
Tetsuya Kakihara


Original Story
Yuu Moroboshi
(published by Fantasia Bunko, KADOKAWA Co.Ltd.)
Original Illustrations
Mikihiro Amami (AQUAPLUS)
Takayuki Inagaki
Series Composition
Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Character Design
Osamu Horiuchi
Art Settings
Hiroshi Katō
Shingo Yonekawa
Art Directors
Hiroshi Katō
Hirofumi Sakagami
Color Coordinator
Eriko Murata
CGI Director
Ayuki Katayama
Filming Director
Yasuyuki Ito
Toshihiko Kojima
Sound Director
Takayuki Inagaki
Daisaku Kume
Music Production
Flying Dog
Music Producer
Masakazu Satō
Opening Theme
Iori Nomizu
Ending Theme
la la larks
Executive Producer
Takeshi Yasuda
Junichiro Tamura
Tomoka Takagi
Animation Producer
Akihiro Sekiyama
Animation Production
Prodcued by
E601 Squadron

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