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Anime Spotlight - To Be Heroine

by ANN Staff,
On-air starts on May 19th, 2018

Key Staff

Animation Production: Emon Animation Company
("The Silver Guardian (TV)" as Animation Production, "Hitori no Shita - the outcast (TV)" as Animation Production. "Attack on Titan (TV 2/2017)" as Editing Studio)


Emon's first original short anime series from the Haoliners brand "TO BE HERO" was broadcasted from October to December 2016 (12 episodes of 10 minutes). The fans loved its uniuque and fantasic story. It ranked in the 7th in the Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2017 best 100 shows. Even now, it still continues to get the increasing number of the video views at China's streaming service bilibili.

Is TO BE HEROINE a sequel of TO BE HERO or is it a brand new original story?
We will let you discover it by watching the first episode on May 19th (JST)!

Official website, key visual, story, characters and music were revealed today together with the cast of TO BE HEROINE, joined by veteran voice actors and popular underground idols!

TO BE HEROINE will be the first hybrid original anime creation in history mixing Japanese and Chinese language!

On air starts May 19th, 2018 on TOKYO MX1 (Every Saturday at 21:00 (JST)). The series will contain 7 episodes.


What is "TO BE HERO"?
The protagonist "Ossan" is a handsome man but a pretty sloppy father. Divorced and living together with his daughter Min-Chan, he is one day sucked by his toilet and transported into an other world. There, he is given the power of a hero and has the task to save earth from villains. However, as he gets a hero's power, his body turns into one an old fat guy! Will he be able to save the earth and defend Min-chan from villains?

What is "TO BE HEROINE"?
The heroine "Futaba" is a smart high school girl. One day, she is suddenly sucked into another world, which turns out to be the dark world without light, where the inhabitants are only children wearing only the under pants. Arriving there, Futaba is the only one wearing clothes and becomes the heroine of this world where clothes are the strongest weapons!

Synopsis of the 1st episode
Futaba Hanaya, a young girl not happy of her life falls accidentally in a parallel world. There, she meets a child who only wears gold briefs. He asksed her for a help, calling her "Miss Heroine" because he is in great danger chased by an assassin. Futaba tried to escape from this weird and dangerous world, but just as she lost her boot, a mysterious swordsman shows up, struggling with the assassin.

Character Names & Descriptions

Futaba Hanaya

17 years old. Heroine.
High school student.
She looks mature at the first glance but she's a very sensitive and delicate person.
Raised in an elite family she learned English since she was a young child.
Due to an unexplainable mystery she was sent in a 2D world and has to save it.

Hikaru Isago

17 years old. Student. He was raised in a happy family but lost his father when he was only 7. His mother is struggling against illness. He always looks happy and dynamic but hides a dark secret.

Tooru Utsubari

17 years old. Close friend of Hikaru and Futaba.
Raised in a rich family, he's the most serious and reliable among the three.
Secretly loves Futaba since they were kids.


17 years old.
She's a student in the same high school as Futaba.
She's Futaba's best friend.
She was the heroine of the first series "To Be Hero" and she's aware of the 2D world.

Hikaru-kun, the boy with the golden pants.

Lives in the 2D world.
3 years old.
He's a mysterious character. His body ecomes shiny when he's emotionally shocked.
Futaba appeared in front of him when he makes a wish in a temple.
He seems to have a mysterious link with Hikaru Isago.

Chou Oji , child from the 2D world

3 years old.
Making himself look cool and self-confident at first glance, he still has a childish mind just the way he looks. He seems to have a mysterious relation with Hikaru-kun. He's the alter ego of Tooru Utsubari in this 2D world.

Simon Fubuki

He's one of Futaba's "Spiclo" (Spirit Cloth). He's a handsome and talented swordsman.
His heart is pure and devoted to the swordmanship.
His sword skills are incredible.
He uses a laser sword and considers Futaba as his "master."


Minchan's avatar in the 2D world.
Hasty by nature, she looks rough and ill-bred but she's trustworthy and warm-hearted.


Futaba Hanaya
Moa Tsukino, Mie Mie
Hikaru Isago
Motoko Kumai, Ding Dang
Tooru Utsubari
Omi Minami, Liu Mingyue
Touichi Touin
Seira Ryū
Hanzo Hattori
Toshihiko Seki
Chinese Tohoku Muffler
Toshihiko Seki
Simon Fubuki
Nozomu Sasaki
Rie Kugimiya
Marika Tanaka
Chuuichi / Ryuichi
Yumi Kakazu
Junko Minagawa, Shan Xin
Oo Paipai
Maria Kawamura
Sweater Beast / Electro Beast
Takeshi Maeda
Street Vendor
Takeshi Maeda
Hong Kong Police
Yukitoshi Tokumoto
Selfish Governor
Shō Hayami
Shifu (Mentor)
Yutaka Aoyama


Li Haolin / Li Ni
Chief Executive Producer
Dong Zhiling / Luo Yanyan / Zhang Shengyan
Planning Producer
Tang Yunkang / Kang Jun
Executive Producer
Jiu Ye / Li Fangyu
Director / Screenplay / Scenario
Li Haolin
Chief Animator Director
Li Haolin
Japanese Version Executive Director
Ken Ando
Animation Producer
Tang Yunkang
Production Coordination
Aya Hida / Li Haolin
Art Director
Huang Xueting
Director of Photography
Shintaro Nakamura
Japanese Script
Ken Ando
Atsushi Yabe / Tatsuro Konno / Yoshihiro Iwasaki
Japan Promotion
Tang Yunkang / Li Fang Yuu / Xu Jiahe
International Business
Widad Noureddine
Opening Theme Song
"Ray" by Passcode
Ending Theme Song
"Koibana Renbo" by Re-connect

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