That Ken-Do Attitude

by Zac Bertschy & Justin Sevakis,

ANNCast Episode 012 - That Ken-Do Attitude

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Things are all back to normal this week, and we start the show with a discussion of The Mysterious Cities of Gold, which is apparently a sacred cow. After that, Justin checked out Trapeze, the trippiest new show of the season, and I got some rather unsettling applications for the new critic position. Then we get into Scott Pilgrim.

After that Ken from MX Media joins us and talks some serious shop. Everything from the translation process to the limitations of DVD subs to performing simulcasts to new business innovations in the world of translation are discussed, and then it's on to Twitter questions as usual. Enjoy!

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NSFW Language Warning: Plenty of swearing this time, but hey, it's OK.

ANNCast Episode 012 Breakdown

00:17 Host Introductions

00:23 Mysterious Cities of Gold

4:21 80's cartoons were pretty stupid

5:25 Justin watched Trapeze

7:10 The weird applications coming in for critics

10:56 Zac falls in love with Scott Pilgrim, Justin remains skeptical


14:59 Ken Hoinsky joins us, explains what he does and how he does it

21:08 The weird script demands and pitfalls of subtitling anime

22:20 Is the old way of translating anime professionally going obsolete?

27:45 The various complaints about subtitle quality that get floated around

31:42 Fans who don't speak Japanese commenting on translation quality

36:10 The happy medium between fansub methods and professional methods

40:25 Twitter questions! How long does it take to sub a half hour anime episode, why they use the fonts they use, digital subtitle overlays, quality control problems on He Is My Master, translating cultural references, Tokyopop's title status, hiring former fansubbers, Funimation's virtual monopoly, a tough question about Ken's business, and the disappearing anime club scene.

And that's all!

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