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PostPosted: Sat Jul 07, 2012 8:29 pm Reply with quote
There's another thread where I posted about the the good side about this forum and got me to think about the good side of other forums I frequent (or used to frequent). If posting the names of those forums are against the rules, moderators please feel free to modify my post and take out the names.

pbnation - paint ball forum:
As a way to generate funds for the site, they have a neat little system where members can participate in a free internet scavenger hunt. Members get nifty little banners under their screen name to publicly display how many points/levels they've earned. Points can be earned by simply "liking" the forum facebook page, following the forum twitter handle, or visiting a paintball supplier's site and answering a simple quiz/question. The forum generates funds by simply getting their members to go various sites like a paintball marker manufacture's site and reading their history page then answering a very simple question afterwards. For ANN, maybe getting a deal with NISA, Funimation, VIZ and having their member's go their website and look for something to answer a question. The anime licensing company benefits by having traffic to their website. As ANN members are more of their demographic audience, the traffic are more likely to be potential buyers.

Chameleonforums - reptile forum:
They have a monthly photo contest where the winner gets a $50 gift certificate from their various sponsors (breeders and/or suppliers). ANN can probably reward the anime photo/quote guessing game with a nice little gift card or just give them a little trophy banner to display under their screen name. It can be quarterly since that's how the photo/quote contest is structured right now.

Some of my other forums have a map section where members and mods can show the local scuba/paintball/reptile shop in their town. I know most of you guys probably order online but it would be nice to showcase and support the local anime mom-and-pop shops that are around. Members can also give feedback on those shops as well. Not sure if this goes against the forum rules though.
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 07, 2012 8:49 pm Reply with quote
Feedback and suggestions are always appreciated. And as long as you aren't coming in here with the explicit intent to advertise other sites there is nothing wrong with posting names of other sites/forums.

In the retail section we do have a pinned thread at the top to review online retailers. I don't believe there would be any issue with people discussing brick and mortar retailers in the retail forums as well.
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