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Teh Rules

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Disclaimer: All posts made to these forums express the views and opinions of the author, not Anime News Network. Additionally, statements by Anime News Network staff on this forum are personal opinions and may not reflect the views of Anime News Network as a whole.

  1. Above all else: Be Polite
    1. Harassing, slanderous, threatening, dangerous or illegal material will be removed from the forum by moderators.
    2. Swearing is frowned upon.
    3. If you disagree with a poster, disagree respectfully, or do not disagree at all.
    4. Many people first come to our forum to ask questions on how or why. Please treat them with respect. Do not respond to questions from new visitors with sarcasm and/or hostility. If you are unable to provide a polite answer, then don't say anything at all.

  2. Post relevant, thoughtful responses; avoid lists and one-liners
    1. We hope to promote an environment of intelligent conversation; we would prefer to hear your thoughts or questions behind the meaning of a particular anime, not what anime character you'd like to date.
    2. Consider if what you are writing is relevant or important to others. If it does not contribute to the discussion, then do not post it.
    3. Please post detailed answers to questions; lists and one-liners do not contribute. A more in-depth discussion about listing and one-liners can be found here.

  3. Stay on topic
    1. Discussion should be related to anime, anime news, Anime News Network, the forum topic, or in some way relevant to this website. Excessively off-topic ("OT") posts will be locked or deleted.

  4. Use proper English
    1. We are not an IM chatroom; we expect proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
    2. If English is your Second Language, please say so in your first post. If you have a disability that impacts your writing ability (e.g., dyslexia), then please say so in your first post.

  5. Do not excessively quote
    1. If you are responding to a single idea, quote only that relevant part. Elaboration on what constitutes as excessive quoting and how to avoid it can be found here.

  6. Moderators have full discretion to enforce the spirit of the rules
    1. Moderators have the right to lock, delete or modify any post at any time if they feel it negatively impacts the forum. If a thread is locked, that means the subject may not be brought up again.
    2. Moderators are volunteers; they lack the time to read every single post. If you come across a questionable/objectionable post or thread that you think needs to be reviewed, then please click on the red-exclamation-mark icon and fill out the accompanying form.
    3. No "Back Seat Moderating." If you know a thread is going to be locked, do not post in it. Do not berate posters for breaking the rules, that is the job of the ANN moderators and admins. Please report the post and, if you think it is necessary, contact a moderator or admin.
    4. No creating multiple accounts. Please only use 1 account while posting in the forums. Creating multiple accounts to circumvent moderator warnings or actions is expressly not allowed. If you have a question or complaint regarding an action taken by a moderator please PM that moderator, or another moderator or admin to ask for an explanation.
    5. What to do if you've been banned

  7. Self-promotion is only allowed if it has value, is relevant, and creates discussion for this forum
    1. See here for additional details.

  8. Commerce is disallowed outside of the designated areas
    1. No Commerce is allowed outside of either the Retail or Subscriber Personal Sales Forum (see rules for Subscribers here). Users may not post their own commercial endeavors nor link to commercial websites unless specifically requested by another poster. Users who have been hired to advertise for specific items will be banned.
    2. Commerce in the Retail Forum is limited to commercial websites only. Links to online auctions or a user's commercial endeavor are not permitted in the regular retail forum. Websites that sell items in violation of Rule #9 will be removed and their URLs banned.

  9. No bootlegs, fansubs, scanlations, etc.
    1. Users may not request or link to bootlegs, fansubs, scanlations, active fan-translating groups, peer-to-peer networks, timed scripts, MP3s, unauthorized movie clips, or websites that house these groups or products. Links to and discussions about websites that provide authorized, legal downloads are permitted.

  10. Use the search engine and read the site
    1. This should be obvious, but people regularly ask questions that have recently been covered in other forum threads or in ANN's articles. So before asking a question, put the keywords into the ANN search engine and the forum search engine. Checking the Encyclopedia may be a good idea too! (depending on your question).
    2. Do not make threads or posts that require speculation, like when an anime is going to get another season, license, dub, etc. Further discussion on speculations can be found here.

  11. No necroposting except where allowed
    1. Necroposting is the act of resurrecting very old threads. Threads in the Talkback Forums have 2 months of shelf life from the date of the latest forum post. All other threads have 12 months of shelf life from the date of the last post made.
    2. Exceptions to the necroposting rule include:
      Those threads do not time out. Further discussion on necroposting can be found here.

  12. Use spoiler tags appropriately
    1. When unsure if the other participants of a thread already know a particular spoiler, use spoiler tags
    2. Guidelines on when to use spoiler tags can be found here

A record of previous rules and changes can be found here

The rules are a community project, discussion about the rules can be read here.

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