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Tony K.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, 2012 4:05 pm Reply with quote
People come on this site all the time asking, "will/when/if an anime is going get another season/continuation/end/get licensed/dubbed." Sure, rumors may be floating around out there that may hint at the possibility, but ANN is "the Internet's most trusted news source" for a reason; they don't speculate.

Speculating is when you listen to rumors and start wanting to believe them, but they're called rumors because they're unverified (i.e. nobody knows for sure). And in respect to ANN's credibility, as well as peoples' own hopes, I am, hereby, implying this guideline of "no speculation." It's not an official rule or anything, but the occurrence of speculation comes up often enough that I feel the need to address this. Plus, I'm tired of having to tell people the same thing over and over again from scratch, so I will now be referring to this thread, instead.

It's great that you want or expect something to happen, but just wishing, hoping, or looking for it to develop out of nothing based on mere rumors and conjecture isn't doing anyone favors. If it eventually happens, it happens. If it doesn't happen, then it's not the end of the world. If there's any kind of official news, however, ANN will be sure to report it. So if you've been wondering about that one anime and wanna' keep up with it, here are the 2 biggest tips:

1) Check the Encyclopedia entry since anything news-related to said title usually links directly to the Encyc.

2) Just check the front page every day and keep an eye out for whatever tidbit of news you're hoping for.

That's basically all you can do, unless anyone has something else to add. So be happy; be thankful; be patient; and don't worry so much.
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Tony K.

Joined: 18 Nov 2003
Posts: 9870
Location: Frisco, TX
PostPosted: Tue Aug 13, 2013 1:36 pm Reply with quote
Some extra food for thought that was recommended to be added to this thread (my quasi-Answerman mode):

Animeking1108 wrote:
I'm not going to try arguing with a moderator, but what's wrong with Speculation? It doesn't hurt anybody. You're more likely to find trouble with a post about somebody bashing another's favorite anime.

It doesn't "hurt" anybody, per se, but doesn't really "help" anybody either. In my 10 years on these forums, these are what usually fall under what I call "speculation / imagination:"

- Rumors of continuation ("I want [insert anime] to continue/reboot," or "when will [blah blah] get another season," or "does anyone know when the next season is coming out")
- Fanfiction / "what if..." stories (which include franchise crossovers, "this character vs. that character," conjecture of "what would [insert character] do?" when it would never even make sense in the continuity of the canon, making up romantic pairings ["I think he should've ended up with her"], etc.)

And from what I've determined (not just me, personally, but a lot of other users have expressed this sentiment), there doesn't seem to be a point in speculating because:

The nature of ANN is to be "the Internet's most trusted anime news source." So if somebody comes asking the same ol' "when will the next season come out," if you haven't noticed, ANN does pretty much stay on top of things, so if you haven't seen anything yet, why keep asking? The news will eventually make its way when rumor becomes fact and an official announcement is made.

In the meantime, why keep hoping for something that may or may not even happen at all? In relation to continuations/reboots, are you gonna' waste months to years of your life getting emotionally invested, expending energy for (often fruitless) loops of dead-end research, and getting wound up over the uncontrollable fate of a cartoon that lies in the hands of a bunch of corporate suits?

Oh, but then you get other people excited, too. And when they jump on the bandwagon only to be disappointed by similarly wasting time and energy all because somebody on the Internet speculated over another Ninja Scroll movie or something, 10 years later, that person is kinda' bitter and a little more callous because of the roller coaster that was the rumor mill.

Because of the industry's uncontrollable nature, again, don't divert yourself. Don't think about a future that may or may not come to fruition. Live in the present. Enjoy what's in front of you, not the "possibility of confirmation." That's like saying you just ate something that really hit the spot and tickled your taste buds. But even after stuffing yourself well beyond the optimum level of satiation, you're thinking about what to eat at the same time 3 months from now.

Fanfiction. That's opening a can of worms. What's done is done. Anything added, subtracted, or altered from the canon could be just as bad as what you said about "bashing another person's favorite anime." Take your favorite anime and let someone start messing with the story (for example, instead of being a symbol of strength and hope in the face of some major adversity, saving his friends, and beating the bad guy, somebody says "letz maak him a PIMP!111 because therz lotz ef grlz 2 LOLLZZZZ!"). What?

Not that anyone would be that stupid and dump all over a well-written character. But again, what's the point? You gonna' start fantasizing and creating your own version of some anime in your head? Do you really wanna' make stuff up because you're that dissatisfied, unhappy, or bored with what's already there? If you've got absolutely nothing better to do, then be my guest.

In the end, it comes down to pointlessness and frequency. Because it's pretty pointless to start setting up an improbable future, and despite your 2-year residency on these forums, trust me when I say I've seen a lot of people making these kinds of threads.

All of these things are speculation. I see no point in doing it. And I know plenty of other people are annoyed by it. Hence, my enforcement of stomping it into the ground.
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