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PostPosted: Thu Apr 22, 2021 12:18 am Reply with quote
A Reddit user appropriately named EternalWisdomSleeps was able to track down the sources of the poetry exchange between Yamamoto and Tomiko by Googling the original Japanese lines, and boy is it relevant:

I've tried to track down the source of the poems.

It vanishes with each step we take

How sad is dream within a dream

Seems to be a quote from The Love Suicides at Sonezaki, play written by Chikamatsu Monzaemon in 1703. Later it was turned into Kabuki performance and a movie (in 1978). It's quite similar to Romeo and Juliet, which as pointed out by commentators in earlier episodes is a core of Mars Red story. In short, The Love Suicides at Sonezaki is a tragic love story about a boy who rejects his promising future due to his love to a prostitute. In the end they commit double suicide. Quite fitting that it was read in place none other than Yoshiwara district.

The joy of seeing you again in such a way feels to me almost like I am dreaming a dream from which I will never wake

To be in a world ephemeral as a dream may feel unpleasant, but we are free to dream or talk of dreams as we please

Those words are written on a monument in Nagaoka city dedicated to an encounter and love of zen Buddhist monk Ryoukan and nun Teishin. I won't delve into the legend of their meeing. Important part is Ryokan was Teishin teacher, they had to part ways and only exchanged letters for 4 years. This poem express their joy to see each other again, first line belongs to Teishin, second to Ryoukan.

Black kites and sparrows, herons, and even the crows

What wonder is it if two birds of a like kind should choose to flock together?

Different poem, same author, Ryoukan. Meaning here that it's natural to love another living human being. Even if you are monks, you are still humans with human hearts. Despite all the anxieties cherishing the life and things that are alive is an essence of Buddhism. Which is interesting in the context of Mars Red where one of the lovers is vampire who is no longer alive.

The person for whom I had waited anxiously had finally come

What can there be to regret in a meeting such as this

And we've come to an ending to Ryokan and Teishin story. Ryoukan wrote this poem when he got critically ill and Teishin hurried to his side. She was taking care of Ryoukan till his death.

A forbidden love between a nun and a monk is very appropriate to illustrate a forbidden love between a human and vampire, and boy is this series interested in forbidden love! We’ve had at least one couple per episode:
—Maeda and Misaki
—The vampire couple feeding on humans (note that Suwa, the eldest, masked vampire on the team, considers the fact that they’re a couple at all disgusting, implying that romance isn’t typical of vampires between themselves and may even be taboo)
—Yamamoto and Tomiko
—the set up between Kurusu and his intrepid girl reporter childhood friend Aoi in the future.

I’ve been really enjoying the show overall; loved the mad scientist’s backstory and the humor he brings to the show (This is why we should always wear personal protective equipment, folks! But at least he’s cool with the outcome).

The character who intrigued me the most, as I mentioned in the preview guide, is Anime Vampire Oscar Wilde, AKA Defrott.
Why do I think he’s a direct Oscar Wilde homage?
—He’s British
—He’s a Dandy
—He’s Queer coded (his English VA is trans)
—he has Dorian Gray’s unaging looks and blond curls
—He’s involved in the theater; Oscar Wilde was a playwright who wrote frequently of actors
—The heavy use of Wilde’s Salomé in episode 1

I can’t wait to find out more about him!
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Gina Szanboti

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 22, 2021 4:31 pm Reply with quote
Could someone explain to me what happened with Maeda in the 2nd episode? It seemed like his forearm was bitten off when he shoved it in her mouth, and his sleeve remained empty to the end of that episode. But in the next one, it's back to normal, and the anime acts like nothing happened.

Does he have a vampire killing prosthetic or does he regenerate somehow? If it's the former, why didn't he retrieve it instead of wandering around with one arm for the rest of the episode? Did he want to wash it first before reattaching it?
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 23, 2021 4:00 pm Reply with quote
I wonder if Defrott turned Misaki specifically because she lied dying on scene due to accident and, as he seemed to know her well including her arranged marriage and that she wanted to show her fiance her role in the play, it was his method to arrange for her last wish. Her becoming ultra-powerful vampire was merely a side effect.
That doesn't mean he will be good, generous guy in the further plot, but seems fitting that actress as good and beautiful as Misaki, and playing such dark role at that, would win a favor of her vampire lord colleague and perhaps even fan, enough to waste his power on her for that last goodbye. If he's anything like Dorian Gray, he would at least appreciate the sad beauty of it.
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PostPosted: Sun May 02, 2021 11:46 am Reply with quote
I’m really enjoying the show and loved seeing the FLW hotel. Ooh, ending with the Kanto earthquake would be awesome. Looking forward to what happens next.
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PostPosted: Wed May 05, 2021 8:54 pm Reply with quote
Catching up on the review from episode 4:
Suwa and Akesato are unique, because their tragedy is that they share no art to bind them together.

Ooh, this is such a good observation! I also feel that the reviewer’s prediction that the Great Kanto Earthquake will be prominently featured in the show. Will they have it be caused by a great vampire battle? I think so. I’m not sure that it’s in good taste to reimagine a real life natural disaster as a man (vampire) made event, but I’m curious as to how they’ll do it.

Episode 5 had so much going on, I wasn’t sure who was pulling which strings. Are we sure Nakajima was behind the vampire train-tank unit, and not the official he killed? Nakajima wasn’t given the budget for that, and none of the higher ups trusted him. They just wanted to outsource vampire soldiers to the Brits, and that tank unit could have been full of British vampires? I’m not sure.

What does seem clear is that Nakajima got Rufus to poison the noble lady vamps, and considering how poorly they treated him and how creepy and pedophilic they were (seriously, kids don’t even have as much blood as adults!), he was all too happy to oblige. I was glad to see them go, but I’m still not sure which side Rufus is on. Defrott, I want to believe, is good, or at least neutral. Just wanting to live a peaceful life and only turning humans when they’re dying from an accident (was it an accident, or was someone out to hurt Nakajima or force him to retire by killing his daughter?)
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