The Edit List
Dragon Ball GT 17-20

by Mike Majeski,
17. A Grand Problem

No Edits

Now, this is the way to start off a series! Ok, ok. I know, Funimation did start off with episode 17. What can I say?

18. Pan's Gambit

1) During Giru's download of Goku's fighting data, the shot of Goku punching a fighter in the face has all blood removed.

2) The robot Pan meets in the compactor, his line “You are right here, in robot hell, with all of the other defective mutants that didn't fit into Doctor Myuu's dream!” is changed to “Robot purgatory, the scrap heap, with all of the other defective mutants that didn't fit into Doctor Myuu's dream!”

3) Next episode previews put before Ending Credits.

One thing I really dislike when listing an edit is not knowing the character's name. For example, the fight mentioned in the first edit happened sometime in the first 16 episodes (in which Funimation has yet to release). I guess I could go to a fansub to get a name, but it wouldn't be accurate if, for some reason, Funimation decides to change it. Not to mention that it kind of defeats the purpose of this list considering that I'm no longer comparing the unedited DVDs with what was broadcast.

19. Unexpected Power

1) Shot of Nezi's punch connecting with Goku's stomach – CUT.

2) Shot of Bizu lighting Goku's butt on fire, Goku running around, and then putting it out – CUT.

Now, here's an interesting pair of edits. With all the fighting shown so far, not to mention what will be shown, what made that one punch objectionable? It's not like they haven't shown similar hits on DBZ before (even with the Toonami level of editing). And what was wrong in the scene where Bizu lights Goku's butt on fire? That was more comedy than anything else.

Well, all things considered, I should be happy that they are not editing even more out.

20. A General Uprising

1) Japanese episode title screen used (Curious)

2) No other Edits

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