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Dr. Jackel ( Kuroudo Akabane) actually has 108 scalpels hidden within his body at any given moment.

The Authors of Get Backers used Sidereal Zodiac Signs instead of Tropical Zodiac which Ban Midou's Zodiac sign was Ophiuuchus refers as the snake bearer. The Ophiuuchus is added in Sidereal Zodiac (it consist of 13 Zodiac signs instead of 12)

GetBackers was ADV's final release from thier "Monster Island" Austin studio before it closed it's doors in May 2005. According to General Manager Charles Campbell, "It was the company's most well recieved and successful Monster Island release."

At the beginning of episode 23, Ban has his shirt on even when fighting, but at when Hevn throws his white shirt over him and he puts it on he no longer has the other shirt.

One of the key differences between the manga and the anime is who the most powerful character is. In the anime when Ban and Akabane (Dr Jackel) fight Ban is the winner making him the strongest character with Akabane second and Ginji third. However in the Manga Akabane beats Ban making him the stringest character and Ban second.

During the first 10 episodes when-ever we get a flash-back to Ginji's past as the Lighting Emperor he is wearing the same thing that he wears now, but after the Limitless Fortress arc starts in episode 11 he is wearing something different they even cross over because in two seperate flash-backs where he and Ban first meet he is wearing something different in both of them.

In episode 26 Kazuki is standing up in the hot spring holding a towel around him like he's a girl with something to hide.

In episode 27 (High School Girl vs. Retrievers), when Ban and Ginji follow the girl into the high school, the karaoke girls in the background are singing the theme song from season 1 (Yuragi Koto Nai Ai).

In episode 34, there is a reference to Game of Death starring Bruce Lee. The guard Ginji fights is wearing the same track suit as Bruce Lee.

In episode 37, Do Your Best, Natsumi! (Natsumi Ganbaru!), the Sexy Demon Gang (Big Butt Bandits) from Groove Adventure Rave (Rave Master) made a cameo appearance as jewel thieves.

In episode 49 ADVs Dub, Ban asks Masaki Kurusu to trust in Ginji. Ginji then calls looks at Ban and calls him Ban-chan. Which is strange as it is the one and only time he ever does it.

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