Sanrio's Salmon Fillet Mascot Makes His CD Debut

posted on by Chris Nishijima
Salmon fillet mascot starts his own line of music with Universal

Everyone is familiar with Sanrio's favorite cat, Hello Kitty. Most of us know about other Sanrio characters, such as the somewhat mischievous Badtz Maru or the adorable, but slightly awkward, Keropii. However, most of us might not be too in the know when it comes to Sanrio's most recent character, a talking salmon fillet by the name of Kirimi-chan. But that will all change soon, as Kirimi-chan takes the world by storm with his latest debut album, titled Kirimi-chan no Uta (Kirimi-chan's song), his first step to idol fame.

The CD, which is to be produced by Universal Music, will feature three songs: "Kimi Kirimi" (You Kirimi), Magical Kirimi, and "Kirimi no Uta ~ Oishiku Tabete ne ♡~" (Kirimi's Song ~Delicious Eating). It will be available for purchase online through Universal Music's online store starting September 3, where you can either purchase the album by itself for 1,620 yen (about US$ 15.99), or you can get the CD and DVD combo pack, which comes with an exclusive eye mask for a total of 2,580 yen (about US$ 25.46).

Kirimi-chan isn't alone in this project either, as the music videos on the DVD will feature his friends such as Kamaboko-chan, Buri-kun, and Roast-chan. To learn more about their endeavours on the road to stardom, visit Kirimi-chan's official artist page on Universal Music. Just make sure that your stomach is already full before listening to this CD, otherwise you might end up having a craving for everyone's favorite talking salmon fillet and cut down any chance he'd have at a world tour.

[Via Kai-You]

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